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Bitcoin cost-per-click network Coin URL is one of the oldest Bitcoin advertising networks in the industry; having been first established in 2011. For Bitcoin businesses wishing to advertise on the Bitcoin CPC network, Coin URL offers features to rival Google Adwords: geotargeting, language targeting, vertical targeting, and selection of the cost per click bid in Bitcoin.

Coin URL accepts Bitcoin website publishers and Bitcoin business advertisers from all over the world including Germany, Poland, Canada, China, Asia, Europe and even Antarctica. Anyone across the globe with a Bitcoin website in any language can earn Bitcoin, and anyone with a Bitcoin business to promote anywhere in the world can target Bitcoiners in their country who speak their language.

Coin URL also enables Bitcoin webmasters to easily monetize their websites and earn Bitcoin by placing Coin URL ads on their site. Publishers have full control over the format, positioning, content and the earnings in Bitcoin of their advertisement slots.

For Bitcoin webmasters running digital currency websites, and for businesses operating in the Bitcoin space: there is no rival to Coin URL ads for monetizing websites, and for Bitcoin businesses to reach their target user base of Bitcoin enthusiasts who want to hear about their revolutionary business. In total, the Coin URL Bitcoin advertising network serves over 7 000 000 unique hits per day of high quality targeted Bitcoin traffic.

In a sense, Coin URL is also the AdFly of Bitcoin; enabling individuals worldwide to easily earn Bitcoin by shortening and sharing links.

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We also highly recommend Bitcoin cost per click network Anonymous Ads for Bitcoin businesses looking to reach massive numbers of targeted Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Anonymous Ads – Create Bitcoin cost-per-click advertisements with geotargeting, vertical targeting and more without even needing to create an account. Make sure to copy, paste and save the URLs for your campaigns and website advertising blocks in a word document so you can access them later!


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