This page lists the highest paying, best Bitcoin investment websites that are not HYIPs, ponzi schemes, or scams. We have researched hundreds of programs, and found Bitcoin investments backed by reputable companies in areas such as peer-to-peer lending, and margin trading. There are literally thousands of Bitcoin scam investment websites and you will find none of them here. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly as we will be adding many more legitimate Bitcoin investments over time.  Our current top recommended Bitcoin investment platform is peer-to-peer BTC lending service Bitbond, which pays you up to 20% interest PA on Bitcoin you invest into peer-to-peer loans.


1.) Bitbond Review Earn up to 20% PA on Your Bitcoin With P2P Lending:

Run by an established company in Germany, Bitbond enables investors to earn up to 20% PA interest on their Bitcoins by lending to them verified lenders on their P2P lending platform. Investors can choose individual loans that fit their risk tolerance, and there is also an autoinvest option, if you would like to automatically fund loans that fit your selected risk profile. To date Bitbond has over 23 000 registered users, has funded over 1100 P2P loans, and has brokered over $340 000 USD in P2P Bitcoin loans. Click here to sign up for a free account on Bitbond and start putting your Bitcoin to work today earning up to 20% PA. Please note as with all Bitcoin investment opportunities there are still risks such as the service being hacked etc. Please conduct your own due diligence.


2.) SimpleFX Review – Leveraged Trading on the BTC/FIAT Markets:

For those with a higher risk tolerance we highly recommend Bitcoin leveraged trading platform SimpleFX. SimpleFX offers leveraged margin trading on the Bitcoin/Fiat and Litecoin/Fiat markets, Forex markets and the commodities markets. and has established a great reputation as a solid Bitcoin margin trading platform.

There are also no limits on Bitcoin and Litecoin deposits. The platform offers over 60 currency pairs, and fully anonymous Bitcoin trading user accounts. Please be aware that leveraged trading can result in loss of your entire deposit, as well as potentially lucrative gains if you can successfully predict market movements. This Bitcoin investment opportunity is best suited to experienced traders, or those willing to learn. If Bitcoin leveraged trading suits your risk tolerance you can sign up to SimpleFX with a fully anonymous Bitcoin leveraged trading account with no limits by clicking here.

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