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Meet (Y)our Team

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Alex Thurston


City/Country: London, United Kingdom

Crypto and marketing aficionado, solver of problems, lover of food, and music. Alex’s core value is the pursuit of excellence. Alex’s passions at the core lie in developing alongside businesses to help them reach and exceed their goals – which means a love for taking on the odd client in his time off of working on the direction of the business.

Ram Reva Image

Ram Reva


City/Country: Bangalore, India

Change agent, Neophiliac, Biotechnologist by education, Technologist by choice. Artist by birth. Ram is a Business graduate, and a model thinker who questions existing patterns & loves innovation. Ram wishes to bring new models of businesses into prominence as his generation gets older, for the new ones to come.

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Wayne Barker

Senior Account Manager


Wayne loves fitness, food, music, and being creative. He has a BA hons in illustration and is always looking for ways to apply his artistic side to all aspects of life. Wayne grew up in Australia, and has a proactive and competitive nature toward all things that he is passionate about. Wayne thrives on the challenge of joining new projects, developing solutions to problems, and is heavily motivated by achieving success in everything he connected to.

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Marija Petrovic

In-house Social Media Manager

A true adventurer in her heart, Marija loves to travel, is passionate about documentary photography. Marija is fueled by her passion for constant learning, and this “forever student” is always ready for challenges and is happy to employ her knowledge in practice.

Daniel Wood Images

Daniel Wood


City/Country: The Hague, Netherlands

After a decade-long career working in humanitarian emergencies and development projects across Asia and Africa, Daniel found a belated, but deep interest in decentralized technologies. When he isn’t busy writing his epic autobiography, Daniel works with blockchain startups and people in low places, specializing in grass-roots community insight and human interest stories.

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Talha Dar


City/Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

Talha holds a masters degree in engineering. As a “blockchain-for everything” kind of guy, he believes that the decentralization philosophy and resulting free and borderless trade will lead humanity to achieve world peace.

Raja Azghappan Image

Raja Azghappan


City/Country: Tamil Nadu, India

Raja is a 24 year old foodie and Bachelor degree holder from India. Raja likes to explore new places and situations and travels a lot. He is still figuring out what life’s all about, and part of that leads to his love to solve problems.


Victor Coelho

Reports Manager

City/Country: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Victor is a Foreign Trade bachelor degree holder, who is economy-tech savvy. Victor has a major interest in macroeconomy and any market with enough liquidity to trade.Victor’s mantra is “Ask me about it, if i do not know i’ll search, and learn it!”

Saad Ullah Image

Saad Ullah


City/Country: Gujranwala, Pakistan

As an engineer with a passion for standardization and innovative technology, quality systems and crypto have been a natural attraction to Saad. He carries more than a decade of experience in developing and handling QA, HR and HSE management systems for FMCG companies. Saad loves to spend time reading a good book or playing with his fish. Currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration.

Amy Caddick Image

Amy Caddick


City/Country: London/United Kingdom

The thought of travel and coffee are what get Amy up in the morning! An Executive Assistant with a love for all things organisation – you’ll find her working at the heart of the company, assisting colleagues and taking on new challenges, as she begins branching out into social media.

Prakash Prajuli Image

Prakash Prajuli


City/Country: Bangalore, India

Helping blockchain companies accomplish their goals is extremely rewarding for Prakash – and you’ll find him looking for ever-more opportunities to do so. Prakash loves travelling, reading books, and listening to music. Prakash loves nature and its beauty.

Aniket Image



City/Country: Bangalore, India

Aniket is based in Bangalore India and holds a degree in Master of Computer Application (MCA). He started a career in UI design and frontend development and has been passionate about it and loving it ever since!

Nigel Dollentas Images

Nigel Dollentas


City/Country: Troy, Alabama

Nigel started writing about crypto when he was in high school, and 6 years later, here he still is! Nigel is currently working toward an Economics major with aspirations for a Masters in Crypto from Korea. When not writing in the industry, you can find Nigel taking pictures, reading, or writing about self-improvement.

Eddie Mitchell Image

Eddie Mitchell


City/Country: London, United Kingdom

Based in London, England, Eddie works primarily as a copywriter within the Blockchain PR industry; he also works as a journalist, podcaster, content creator and skateboarding instructor. Eddie rode the first Bitcoin boom in 2012/13 and has been hooked ever since.

Manuel Image



City/Country: Lagos, Nigeria

Manuel is an oddball with a degree in biochemistry. He’s been a part of the crypto ecosystem since 2016 and has worked closely with a few blockchain projects, helping in the areas of content development and community management. He’s a fan of decentralized technologies and governance but has never purchased any crypto — panic-sensor too sensitive. He holds a few cryptos though and hopes to buy an island someday with them.

Saloma Image



City/Country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Saloma was a self-taught artist and stringer for a local town newspaper for over 10 years before consulting for a think tank for 5 years. Now on a professional sabbatical, she writes political activist material in the Malay language.

A strong believer in freedom, Saloma advocates for the censorship-free ideologies of Bitcoin, and loves spending it and giving it away. It is the only crypto she has ever owned and the only reason she connects to the Internet.

Tosce Pade Image

Tosce Pade


City/Country: Lagos, Nigeria

Foodie who discovered blockchain and never looked back. When she is not bravely going where few taste buds have been, Tosce is likely to be found neatly tucked behind the pages of something gothic.