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ZoidPay to Launch 1st Shopping Pool Auction, offering Crypto Users a Chance to Own a Web 3.0 Digital Bank

Press Release: Crypto liquidity platform and Chrome extension Zoidpay is launching a Shopping Pool Auction that will enable users to have their very own Web 3.0 Digital Bank.


5th October 2022, Bucharest, RomaniaZoidPay has announced the auction of 50 Shopping Pools that the company will launch on the 12th of October. ZoidPay is a leading crypto liquidity platform that enables instant card issuance for purchases at any merchant, and this auction will look to drive further adoption of its Web 3.0 Financial Services. The Shopping Pools have already gathered strong interest, with the previous two rounds of sales selling out in roughly 24 hrs. 


Own a Web 3.0 Digital Bank

Blending elements of Blockchain, eCommerce, and DeFi, the Shopping Pools will be the backbone of the transition to Web 3.0 Financial Services. A Shopping Pool allows one to own a safe and secure business that holds the key to potentially unlimited Passive Income. 


Shopping Pools are similar to traditional staking pools, which allow multiple stakeholders to combine their resources, thus enhancing their reward prospects. This is not the first time ZoidPay is bringing innovative concepts to Web 3.0. Recently, ZoidPay also launched a feature that lets users stake their NFTs to boost returns. 


The benefits of Owning a Shopping Pool

A Shopping Pool allows one to own a Web 3.0 Digital Bank while offering a high-yielding staking model. In the traditional sense, a Shopping Pool acts as a node for regular users looking to stake ZPAY. 


Pool owners and participants can benefit from exclusive deals and discounts across over 100 million retailers globally using the ZoidPay Chrome Extension. The larger the pool, the higher the potential sales through shopping, extending owners a rewarding revenue source from every transaction.


$ZPAY Staking

$ZPAY is ZoidPay’s native platform token, offering Passive Income through Staking, and further benefits through upcoming DeFi offerings, such as ZoidPay Loans, Buy Now, Pay Later, and more. By staking tokens in a Shopping Pool, participants can earn an annualized percentage yield (APY) of up to 27%. There are options to stake for shorter durations of one month, three months, and six months. 


Shopping Pool Requirements & Rewards

Anyone that owns a Shopping Pool requires a deposit of at least 100,000 ZPAY tokens. The Shopping Pools have been designed to create the next generation of crypto entrepreneurs. This deposit is staked for a minimum of one year while returning an APY of 15%. 


All of the ZPAY deposited towards owning a Shopping Pool earns a minimum of 15% APY, with staking rewards paid out every 30 minutes. Pool Owners can also use the Zoidster NFTs collection to boost their APY up to 30%. 


The first 200 Shopping Pools were sold in a little more than 24 hours, and there will only be 1000 Shopping Pools available in total. The current auction of 50 Shopping Pools will be launched on the 12th of October. The Shopping Pools will be rewarded to 50 users with the highest bids. Anyone interested can learn more by visiting the Shopping Pools auction page.


About ZoidPay

ZoidPay is the go-to open architecture for building the next generation of Web 3.0 financial services. It is a one-stop crypto liquidity solutions provider, enabling instant card issuance for purchases from any merchant at the lowest fees. For B2B clientele, ZoidPay offers full support APIs and SDKs to developers & financial businesses that want to build the next-gen Web 3.0 financial services.


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ZoidPay Chrome Extension Lets Shoppers Buy with Crypto on Amazon, eBay and 40M+ Online Retailers

ZoidPay ebay Amazon

Press Release: The ZoidPay Chrome extension will allow users to spend their cryptocurrencies on products, pay subscriptions, and even book flights with 40+ million online retailers. 


October 18th, 2021, Bucharest, Romania ZoidPay has announced the launch of its Chrome Extension, allowing millions of users to shop using various cryptocurrencies with all online merchants across the world.


Shop Easier than Ever Before

The ZoidPay Chrome Extension is platform agnostic, letting shoppers connect to it using any digital wallet. Currently being rolled out in phases, the Chrome Extension will be available globally by November 2021. It promises to bridge the gap in making crypto adoption mainstream.


Users can choose from any major cryptocurrency to make payments for their purchases on Walmart, Alibaba, MediaMarkt, Lazada, and eMag to name a few. Through the Chrome Extension, ZoidPay offers instant liquidity of up to $1 billion for crypto assets per day.


Eduard Oneci, CEO and Co-founder at ZoidPay, stated:


“Our Chrome Extension is unlike any other product in the market. It truly lets one shop anything from anywhere using their digital assets. When we started this journey nearly 3 years ago, we were fixated on building a platform that makes crypto usage seamless and secure. The Chrome Extension manifests this vision.“


Made for Crypto & Non-Crypto Users

Be it a user familiar with cryptocurrencies or one who’s not yet ventured there, the Chrome Extension promises a seamless experience. With easy onboarding, (including KYC) the Chrome Extension gets users ready to shop from over 40 million retailers across the world in a matter of minutes. 


Additionally, it offers instant liquidity for most major crypto assets, independent of the wallet used. With the Chrome Extension, ZoidPay has introduced a liquidity solution that lets all users shop anything from anywhere using crypto.


Cashback, Staking, Loans & Much More

Whether users are buying the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, paying their Netflix subscription, or getting ready to book their next holiday trip, cashback is guaranteed on all crypto purchases with Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and most major cryptocurrencies. All cashback is instant and paid in ZoidPay’s native token ZPAY, directly into the user’s wallet. 


Eduard continued: 


“Be it a regular crypto holder or even a user who’s never dealt with cryptocurrencies before, the Chrome Extension promises a hassle-free journey. Beyond the ease of use and safety, the benefits that come from shopping with the Chrome Extension are unlimited. For a start, every purchase made comes with a reward in the form of cashback.” 


The Chrome Extension comes packed with staking and other DeFi integrations, creating a unique, personalized user experience. From staking ZPAY in shopping pools, getting loans, and paying in installments at merchants, the Chrome Extension becomes a one-stop secure shop for all crypto and non-crypto users. 


Crypto Adoption 2.0

There have always been questions about the accessibility, safety, and efficiency of using cryptocurrencies for online shopping. With the launch of the Chrome Extension, ZoidPay has taken a major leap in its vision of making cryptocurrency easily accessible for daily use. Consumers can finally use their crypto to buy products, pay subscriptions and even buy tickets with the groundbreaking new Chrome Extension


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ZoidPay is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest