’s partnership with GamingGrids to ensure knowledge can and will be fun

Bitcoin Press Release: Digital learning pioneer has revealed the world’s first blockchain-based platform to measure the value of knowledge, with two months to its pre-sale event on January 15th,2018. The Knowledge platform features a unique ecosystem that shares and rewards knowledge encouraged by gamified learning. November 21, 2017 Ohio, USA –’s revolutionary platform looks to be the new […]

Learn, Earn and Break Free from Unrewarding Mobile Games with TriviaSpar

Bitcoin Press Release: Announcing TriviaSpar; as Part of the IKL (International Knowledge League) and platform, TriviaSpar is the game that rewards advertisers and players alike. November 21, Cleveland, Ohio – The team from IKL and have released a trivia game that comes with three game modes, and two rewarding ways to play. TriviaSpar lets users earn points and exchange […] to launch blockchain-based platform to revolutionize the way knowledge is valued

Bitcoin Press Release: Digital learning company has announced plans to develop a first-of-its-kind blockchain-based platform that aims to quantify and qualify the value of knowledge. To raise the funds necessary for continued development and adoption of its solution, will launch an ICO for its Knowledge Tokens on January 15th, 2018. November 11, 2017 […]