ImmVRse set to make VR Millionaires

ImmVRse Press Release

Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain start-up ImmVrse set to provide a VR sharing platform allowing creators to sell their own content and be found by employers. June 24th, 2018, London – Blockchain Company ImmVrse According to a new research accrued out in the UK, many seven to 11-year-olds are turning to modern technology as they consider […]

ImmVRse Announces Partnership with Origin Protocol


Bitcoin Press Release: ImmVRse is pleased to announce a recently signed partnership with Origin Protocol, a platform that is working to build a sharing economy without intermediaries, by empowering developers and businesses to build decentralized marketplaces on the blockchain. Decentralized marketplaces built on Origin will permit blockchain startups to redistribute the control of information to […]

ImmVRse Signs Deal with Award Winning Cyber Security Experts


Bitcoin Press Release: ImmVRse, a leader in the field of VR and AR technology are pleased to announce the partnership with Entersoft, an award winning application security company. As we progress into a further hyperconnected world security is paramount, synergizing with Entersoft will prove to be advantageous for both companies. March 22, 2018, London UK […]

A 2018 Guide to Investing in ICO’s


Bitcoin Press Release: An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is equivalent to an Initial Price Offering (IPO) on the stock market. In the 1980’s and 90s it was not uncommon for the fastest growing companies to IPO in less than 5 years. In fact companies like eBay and Yahoo were able to do it in 2–3 […]

ImmVRse: Stimulating The Growth and Development of VR Content


Bitcoin Press Release: In recent years, the demand for virtual reality content has increased significantly across a wide array of industries. Although the technology is still somewhat considered to be in the early stages of development, most sectors have begun to recognize VR’s effectiveness and immense potential as an incredibly efficient marketing tool. In turn, […]

ImmVRse Signs Partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz Agency


Bitcoin Press Release: ImmVRse have formed a strategic partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz, one of the biggest Blockchain PR companies in the space. February 20th, 2018 London, UK: ImmVRse is pleased to announce an official partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz, heading into 2018. The new year will bring about big developments within the VR industry […]

ImmVRse Officially Sponsors Blockchain360 at London Tech Week


Bitcoin Press Release: ImmVRse has been announced as official sponsors of London Tech Week, Europe’s largest and most prominent tech festival. 20th February 2018, London, United Kingdom – Home to the Tech XLR8 conference, the event will be bringing together the entire tech community to celebrate some of today’s most cutting edge innovations. The Tech-XLR8 […]