Internet of Coins Raises $1 Million Without Venture Capital as Crowdfunding Campaign Exceeds Expectations

Internet of Coins Non-Profit Crowdfunding

Bitcoin Press Release: Dutch non-profit digital finance company Internet of Coins has raised over $1,000,000 (USD) in crowdfunding contributions as the campaign continues to exceed expectations. June 5, 2017, De Klomp, Netherlands – Internet of Coins (IoC), a Holland-based not-for-profit project aimed at the development of decentralized, open and accessible digital wallet for personal finance […]

Internet of Coins Launches Hybrid Asset on Multiple Blockchains

Bitcoin PR Buzz Internet of Coins Hybrid Aasset

Bitcoin Press Release: Internet of Coins announces the launch of “hybrid asset”, a multi-blockchain token. Crowdsale goes live on March 21, 2017. March 13, 2017, Netherlands – Internet of Coins, a non-profit cryptocurrency technology development organization has announced the launch of “Hybrid Asset”, an inter-systemic, cross blockchain token. Currently, under development, the asset enables transfer […]