Ex-Alibaba Senior Manager Joins China-Based FamilyPoints in November

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Bitcoin Press Release: Developed by Babystep, an online service that offers the world’s largest video catalog of educational content, FamilyPoints is poised to transform the global $6 trillion parenting market using blockchain technology. November 23, 2017, City — Shaoming Yang, a former senior manager at Alibaba, has joined Babystep as the chief business development officer […]

Knowledge.io’s “Proof of Knowledge” Helps Learners Prove Their Value

Bitcoin Press Release:  Learning solutions startup Knowledge.io has revealed the world’s first blockchain-based platform to measure the value of knowledge, with two months to its pre-sale event on January 15th,2018. The Knowledge platform features a unique ecosystem that shares and rewards knowledge encouraged by gamified learning. November 21, 2017 Ohio, USA – Knowledge.io’s revolutionary platform could be the new standard […]