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AIBC to Welcome 100 Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders to Malta Summit

Press Release: AIBC Europe is expecting 100 influencers and key opinion leaders at this year’s Malta summit from November 14-18, including AMCrypto, Carl the Moon, James Crypto Guru, and Davinci.


September 19, 2022, Valletta, MaltaAIBC is attracting at least one hundred top-tier influencers to its Malta summit this November. Taking place at the Malta Fairs and Convention Center this 14-18 November, the five-day event is set to host 25,000 delegates for an incredible supershow. Following previous success, this year’s summit will welcome an all-star list of industry thought leaders, and offer unparalleled access to premier networking opportunities, conferences, and expos.

Get a taste of what AIBC Malta has in store!


AIBC Malta Brings Top Opinion Leaders Together

With a network cultivated from over a decade spent holding successful events, and leveraging incredible opportunities for cross-pollination between its top verticals, Malta Week is perfectly placed to forge meaningful partnerships and break new ground across the blockchain, fintech, and DeFi landscapes. For attendees, the event will provide invaluable access to unique industry insights and next-level connections.  


Bringing a diversity of key thought leaders together, AIBC will maximize the potential for projects and companies to leverage a unique opportunity to link to some of the leading minds in the crypto and emerging tech world. Enabling new and upcoming projects, as well as more established companies to gain the reach they require to take their product to the next level.


Last Year’s Highlights

Last year saw 13,500 attendees from over 80 different countries gather for the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit which focused on blockchain, emerging tech, and DeFi specifically. The event saw a slew of big names attend, including Michael Saylor, who was a financial backer of the star of the show, Acta Finance, winner of the “Best DeFi project of the year” award. 


The event also stared industry leaders including CEO Pablo Ojanguren, Blockchain Center founder Nick Spanos, CEO of emerging digital health network project Solve.Care Pradeep Goel, international NFT artist Talia Zoref, NextBridge CEO Lars Rinnan, and of course AIBC Summit founder Eman Pulis.


AIBC Americas Summit Debuts in Toronto 

More recently AIBC held its long-awaited Americas debut in Toronto, Canada, which saw a buzzing hub of thought leadership and industry insight amongst a selection of big names. The summit platformed some emerging projects and innovators from the Medical Metaverse realm to the next generation of digitally enabled education solutions. 


Amongst the list of emerging talents from the AIBC Americas were Michael Turpin, Russell Korus, Davin Michaels, Emma Todd, Cal Evans, and Dr. Lawrence Krauss. The star of the show however was prized Pitch winner myLaminin, a Canadian-based blockchain-enabled document sharing, and verification service.


Don’t Miss the AIBC Malta Week 2022 

All of the AIBC summits serve as a vital platform for thought-leadership, with a fresh line-up of top influencers spearheading discussions about the future of relevant industries. 

A top-tier cast of conference speakers is already in the works, with some leading influencers and policymakers expected to join the discussion, including AMCrypto, Carl the Moon, James Crypto Guru, and Davinci. With exciting, insightful conversations expected on new crypto projects, gamefi, influencer/affiliate marketing and much more, this year’s AIBC Malta event is one not to miss. 

AIBC Links

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Bitcasino to Use Estonian ESTCube-2 Satellite to Send Bitcoin into Space

bitcasino press release image bitcoin pr buzz

Press Release: Bitcasino will use the Estonian satellite organization ESTCube-2 to send one Bitcoin into Space in 2023


29th August 2022, TALLINN, Estonia – The world’s first licensed Bitcoin-led casino operator, Bitcasino, has partnered with ESTCube-2 to send one bitcoin to space in 2023, giving all its players the chance to be a part of this groundbreaking experience.


By playing all of their favorite games on the platform, Bitcasino is giving its players the chance of a lifetime to send their crypto assets to Earth’s outer orbit, becoming part of the satellite’s mission. Everyone can join Bitcasino on this adventure, with the cryptocurrency set to orbit the Earth until the end of the satellite’s lifetime, when it will then help fund the next ESTCube science project.


The ESTCube Project

ESTCube-2, a satellite built by the Estonian satellite organization, is composed of space enthusiasts and students, wish to take Estonian space tech onto the world stage. The main pursuit of the ESTCube project is to develop, build and launch scientific nanosatellite missions. In addition to technical challenges, the project aims to promote and popularize science in schools and among the general public.


Director of Bitcasino at Yolo Group, Tauri Tiitsaar, said: 


“Much like Bitcasino, these brilliant young scientists at Tartu University in Estonia are pushing the limits and want to disrupt the status quo. This resonates with what we at Bitcasino believe in and we want to support the next generation of engineers. This is also a great chance to make history as we’re the first crypto casino to send a Bitcoin to space. We can’t wait to take our players along for the ride.”


ESTCube-2 Project Manager, Hans Teras, said: 


“We are very excited to partner with Bitcasno as it helps us promote exciting, novel, and inspiring space technology solutions  by developing the satellite and bringing people’s attention to the importance of combating space debris.”


The ESTCube-2 satellite is being prepared for launch in the first half of 2023, from the European Spaceport in South America on board the Arianespace Vega-C rocket.


About Bitcasino

Founded in 2014, as part of the Yolo Group, Bitcasino has an expansive, quality casino product featuring more than 2,000 games, including slots, table games, and live dealer casinos from some of the industry’s leading suppliers. These are hosted on its proprietary platform, developed by leading designers and software engineers to create the ultimate user experience for players.


Bitcasino prides itself on its enjoyable and trustworthy casino and gaming service, with withdrawal times of around 1.5 minutes amongst the fastest in the industry and cutting-edge security measures in place.


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Hackless Pioneers B2B & B2C Security Tool for DeFi, Saving Nearly $500,000 for Clients

Hackless Pioneers B2B & B2C Security Tool for DeFi, Saving Nearly $500,000 for Clients

Press Release: DeFi protection solution, Hackless, is pioneering a new security tool which has so far saved funds worth just under $500,000 from hacked addresses.  


August 10th, London, United Kingdom – ETHLisbon Hackathon winners Hackless has designed a comprehensive security platform which aims to protect the decentralized finance (DeFi) world from targeted exploits, as well as safely migrate funds from individual wallets and protocols under attack.


Hackless works at the infrastructure level of EVM-compatible blockchains, uniting several elements from the blockchain ecosystem in order to strengthen a DeFi protocol’s security from the lowest levels of its ecosystem.


The platform has three core services which it uses to help defend against exploits and recover funds:


  • Watchdog – A mempool monitoring tool which tracks suspicious transactions. 
  • SafeMigrate (B2B) – The first-to-market service which ensures that funds can be successfully migrated from a paused DeFi protocol that is being attacked.


  • Conductor (B2C) – A private mining provider that ensures the safe and undetectable migration of user’s funds from compromised wallets.


The Hackless team believes this type of active protection is critical to the future innovation in the DeFi space given the substantial increase in the value of assets being locked up in DeFi applications.


Serhii Androsiuk, co-founder and CEO of Hackless, commented:


“The daunting thing about DeFi right now is that the rising tide of recent security exploits seems to out-speed the adoption and development of DeFi as such. Seven of the ten largest crypto thefts from January 2021 to March 2022 involved DeFi protocols. Frequent brutal exploits of flash loan protocols, cross-chain bridges and individual crypto wallets stress the need for a powerful security tool which is capable of boosting industry’s security level right away. We envision Hackless as a comprehensive platform that offers solutions both for DeFi protocols and individual investors. When used by all types of DeFi players it will enhance the overall protection giving a boost to industry’s growth.”


Hackless In Action

Earlier this year, A.I. and blockchain-powered virtual assistant services platform VAIOT was subject to a brutal exploit. Attackers tried and succeeded to take ownership of several of the platform’s operational wallets, containing its native currency VAI, which are critical for the functioning of its services. This resulted in the theft and freezing of several million VAI and tens of thousands worth of ETH and BNB, belonging to both their users and VAIOT itself.


The Hackless team integrated with VAIOT, contributing their expertise to the effort to safely migrate the frozen assets from the contract owned by the attacker. Using a variety of techniques and tools utilized in the Hackless product itself, the team were able to successfully help VAIOT recover $400,000 in frozen assets, whilst ensuring both the techniques and their employment remained undetected to the attacker.   


This successful case study was followed in quick succession by other examples of Hackless in action. The first involved a user who had their private keys stolen (a theft all too common in the crypto space) following a phishing attack. The attacker then monitored the wallet, draining all funds as soon as they appeared, leaving the user unable to access their NFTs worth ~$4,000. In this case, Hackless was able to deploy two key features of its product, the Conductor and SafeMigrate. The team were able to retrieve all the user’s NFTs to an uncompromised wallet without the attacker being aware.  


The second was a similar case, only the amount stolen was significantly higher at $87,000. Deploying the same features, Hackless was able to recover this amount quickly, proving again not only that there is demand for this service, but that their tools work. Consequently, both the Conductor and SafeMigrate form part of Hackless’ core offering, which is now available to the public. 


Securing the Future of DeFi with Hackless

Hackless has demonstrated its DeFi security pedigree in the wild. Its mission to provide a robust security layer between Ethereum and its many DeFi protocols, is inspired and facilitated by the experience of its Ukraine-based team. Co-Founders Serhii Androsiuk and Pavel Radchuk have extensive experience in the blockchain space, with both having worked with various DeFi and NFT projects since 2017. Androsiuk is also a veteran of the banking sector, lending his expertise in growing projects to scale to the Hackless team. 


This year has seen the beginning of the architectural design for its modular platform, as well as production-ready services. The roadmap this year still has a number of exciting developments to come, including its staking program (Q3 2022), V1 Conductor (Q3 2022) and V1 SafeMigrate (Q4 2022). 


Combined with partnerships with leading DeFi projects such as Blaize and Zokyo, Hackless is well positioned to deliver a much needed security solution for the DeFi space.


To read more about Hackless and its pioneering solution to protect DeFi assets, visit their website here.


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Largest Spanish Crypto Exchange, Bit2Me goes Global with Airdrop: 1 Million Participants in 72 Hours

Press Release: Spain’s largest crypto company, Bit2Me, is celebrating its new launchpad with a massive B2M Airdrop which is live on Coinmarketcap until March 2, 2022 


17th February 2022, Madrid — The Bit2Me Airdrop is well underway, and will see 8,000,000 B2M tokens given away to participants through Coinmarketcap. The airdrop is running from February 9th to March 2nd, 2022. With over 50,000 Holders already in its first 5 months in the market, the B2M airdrop is the most highly anticipated in Spain.


First Recognized Spanish Crypto Exchange

Yesterday, February 16th, Bit2me became the first exchange in the world recognized by The Bank of Spain, leading the way in the Spanish-speaking market as the primer crypto suite. The company is already a giant in Spanish-speaking nations, following a $23.7 million USD ICO, which sold out across 3 rounds in only 2 mins and 24 seconds. 


Guaranteed Winners vs Selected Winners 

  • All participants with 8,888 B2M in their Metamask before March 2, 2022, are guaranteed winners.
  • All participants with at least 1 B2M before March 2, 2022, are eligible for Diamond and Silver winners.
  • All participants with at least 1 B2M in their Metamask before and after March 2, 2022, are eligible for future airdrops.
  • Holders on any of these networks are eligible: Ethereum, Polygon (Matic), and BSC


Participate on Coinmarketcap 

All B2M holders can take part in the airdrop to win rewards in the form of B2M. By following the simple steps laid out on Coinmarketcap, (and in this video) anyone interested in the airdrop may join. Extra requirements can increase and even guarantee participants’ chances of winning.


8 Million B2M Rewards 

The airdrop rewards are allocated into 4 different tiers: Golden 8, Diamond, Silver, and Bronze. Every Coinmarketcap user that participates in the Airdrop and completes all the mandatory requirements will be eligible for the Bronze prize. However, the other categories are reserved for B2M token holders can be seen here in this Bit2Me Medium article 


No Claiming Necessary  

Winners and eligible participants will receive the prizes via the Polygon (Matic) network, no claiming will be necessary on their part. Winners will just need to add the custom Polygon Network RPC and add the custom B2M token to their wallet. Instruction videos for anything pertaining to the airdrop can be viewed from the above Medium article. 


The B2M token will be available on all winner addresses no later than March 2nd. Winners will be announced no later than 3 days after the Airdrop participation period ends through official social media channels such as Telegram


Big Response to B2M 

The B2M airdrop has seen a huge response from the community with 2.2 million participants registering within the first 7 days. Bit2Me stated that anyone interested in becoming eligible for future airdrops just needs at least 1 B2M to their wallet. B2M is available now on Ethereum, Polygon, (Matic) and BSC Networks through Uniswap, Quickswap, and PancakeSwap exchange. 


Backers and Partnerships

Bit2Me is backed by Huobi Ventures, ICON Foundation, TKX Capital, and Valhalla Capital, and has founders, executives and former executives from Coinbase, Polygon, Amazon, Chainlink, Nexo, Kraken, IBM, Mastercard, and more. Bit2me also has partnerships with Asian Crypto funds and companies such as DFG, GSR, NEXO, Mastercard, OVR, 100 Montaditos, GoStudent, CoinPayments, Polygon, and more. 


Bit2Me Links 

Airdrop | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook |Team | Airdrop Terms & Conditions


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Bit2Me is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. 


The B2M TOKEN is a utility token intended to be used to benefit from discounts, promotions, and services on the Bit2Me website. It is therefore not a financial instrument or negotiable security. Bit2Me does not accept customers related to sanctioned countries, certain high-risk countries, or countries where specific national authorization is required, such as residents of the USA or Japan. Values of B2M in dollars were calculated on 22/01/2022. Please revisit the current B2M price chart to see the current values.

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King Kaka Joins as Global Ambassador

Press Release: African rapper King Kaka has been announced as a global ambassador for crypto-focused sports betting leaders,


January 7th, 2022, London, UK  – Award-winning hip hop artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist King Kaka has linked up with the world’s top crypto-led sports betting site,, as a global ambassador across East Africa, and beyond. 


King Kaka Joins the Crypto Space

King Kaka is one of the biggest names in African rap, lauded both for his creativity and his willingness to challenge the status quo. Now he’s joining, part of Yolo Group, as a global ambassador, with the first campaigns including King Kaka to launch later this month. Players in East Africa and other countries in the region will gain special access to promotions and bonuses, brought to you exclusively by King Kaka and


King Kaka, Global Ambassador for, said: 


“ are true innovators, and that’s always something I’ll value. Throughout my career and with my music, I’ve tried to follow my own path, and I respect for doing the same. I can’t wait to get started as a global ambassador for the world’s top crypto-led sports betting site.” is the world’s top crypto-led sports betting site, offering thousands of markets and events. It is globally renowned for sponsorships of leading football clubs, including Arsenal, Southampton, and São Paulo.


Albert Climent, Head of Africa at, said: 


“King Kaka is an inspiration to millions, not just for his game-changing music, but also his humanitarian work. He’s the perfect match for our fun, fast and fair approach to crypto gaming, and we know this is going to be a showstopping partnership.”



Founded in 2016 as part of Yolo Group, is the leading Bitcoin sportsbook. has redefined the online betting space by combining cutting-edge technology, with cryptocurrency expertise and a passion for offering its players the ultimate fun, fast, and fair gaming experience.


Principal sponsors of the English Premier League team, Southampton FC, and official betting partner of Arsenal FC, provide an expansive range of betting action across all major sports and eSports, offering players more than 350,000 pre-match events per year and comprehensive in-play content.


As the first crypto sportsbook to introduce streaming across all major sports, as well as a cash-out function, is recognized as a leader in both online sports betting and within the crypto community. prides itself on its secure and trustworthy betting service, with withdrawal times of around 1.5 minutes among the fastest in the industry. For more information about, please visit Socials

Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube


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Polis Partners with MCN Ventures to Build Cross Chain DeFi Ecosystem on Polis Chain

Polis Partners with MCN Ventures to Build Cross Chain DeFi Ecosystem on Polis Chain2

Press Release: Polis is partnering with decentralized crypto venture capitalist MCN Ventures following the successful launch of the Polis Chain ecosystem. 


December 21st, 2021, Mexico City, Mexico – Community-based decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Polis is announcing a partnership with decentralized VC MCN Ventures. The collaboration, which is the first of its kind for Polis, will focus on building a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem on Polis Chain, Polis’ native blockchain.  


As part of the collaboration, four new projects are set to be deployed by MCN Ventures on Polis Chain in the next few weeks. These include decentralized stablecoins Xdollar and MinMax, farming ecosystem MCN Multiple, and Acheron, a third-party bridge for Polis Chain.   


Speaking about the collaboration, Andreas Meyer, Business DAO Manager commented: 


“For our project it is the first time that we will work together with a venture fund. The special thing is that MCN is completely decentralized and has a huge network in the DeFi space. This brings us many new opportunities to grow our Polis Chain for 2022. We are looking forward to this collaboration and the future new projects on our chain.”


Bill the Investor, a general partner of MCN Ventures also commented


“The partnership between MCN and Polis will help Polis to build its defi projects fast and greatly enhance the MCN ecosystem.”


The New Kid in DeFi

Polis’ collaboration with MCN Ventures comes after a swathe of developments at Polis following its entry into the DeFi space, marking its 4-year milestone. In November 2021, Polis launched Hades Swap, its first decentralized exchange (DEX) in a key pivot into the DeFi space. The DEX had over $2.5 million in trading volume in its first week, with Total Value Locked (TVL) peaking at $2.5 million too. To date, $6.5 million worth of crypto assets has been traded on the platform.


Moreover, Polis successfully launched the Olympus Network, a blockchain within the Polis ecosystem capable of running smart contracts. This will allow developers in the ecosystem to easily create decentralized applications (dApps), a feature which is critical for its operation in the DeFi space.  


Finally, in November 2021, Polis partnered with Meter,io to bridge the Olympus Network to Binance Smart Chain to facilitate transfers of stablecoin DAI. The Polis team has also been pursuing several additional partnerships which are due to materialize in the next few months.


Combined, these developments suggest Polis’ pivot towards DeFi is not only well-funded, but well-resourced, ensuring Polis is positioned to become a leader in the DeFi space. 


About MCN ventures

MCN Ventures is a decentralized incubator, investor and liquidity provider.  Its stakeholders  comprise Twitter-based key opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, traders and analysts focussed on decentralized finance. Collectively, stakeholders invest in early-stage projects, providing a range of industry expertise as well as capital.


The MCN team leverages a platform of over 200,000 followers across Twitter, Telegram, WeChat and Weibo to help grow early-stage communities as well as providing technical expertise in the form of code audits and evaluations. 


About Polis

Polis is the main asset on the Olympus Network. It allows users to pay for transaction fees, as well as transferring value stored in Polis within the network. Polis Chain is EVM-compatible, meaning developers can build applications that make use of smart contract technology. 


The network started as a fork of popular payment platform DASH, adopting its own Proof-of-Stake rules in 2018. Moreover, Polis is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which elects five managers responsible for the ecosystem’s operation. All Polis members are able to vote for each of the positions as well as put forward and vote for specific proposals pertaining to the ecosystem’s future.  


For more information on the Polis and MCN Ventures collaboration, visit their website here.


Follow Polis on Twitter

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Stay-up to date on all things Polis on Youtube 


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Posted on Donate Bitcoin to Southampton FC Supporters in First Ever ‘Crypto Fan Fund’

Press Release: launches first-ever ‘Crypto Fan Fund’, donating 2 BTC to its Premier League partner Southampton FC.


10th November 2021, London, UK  – has today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind ‘Crypto Fan Fund’, donating 2 Bitcoin (BTC) to its partner club Southampton FC. The fund will be used to deliver a series of fan-led initiatives across the 2021-22 season, and beyond.  


Crypto Fan Fund

Throughout the season, the fund will be used to support the causes that matter most to fans. All decisions on how and where the fund is used will be made by Saints Voice, Southampton FC’s long-standing supporter panel, who will work closely with the club and with to determine how to make the greatest impact.


The donation of cryptocurrency in this way is a major first within elite sports partnerships. Unlike traditional fiat donations, the value of the fund can shift and increase in line with the market, allowing for the potential of greater investments in future seasons. will underwrite the fund for the value of 2BTC at the point of donation, guaranteeing the club access to at least the minimum value of the fund, plus any additional profits accrued from deflation.


Helen Edwards, Head of Responsible Gambling at stated: 


“Supporters are the lifeblood of the game and continue to demonstrate their unrivaled passion and loyalty every matchday. As a valued partner of Southampton Football Club, it’s incredibly important that we engage with the dedicated Saints fans and support them too, in any way that we can.  


The opportunity to use Bitcoin in such an innovative way by setting up this fan fund is incredibly powerful. We firmly believe the hype is real and cryptocurrency is here to stay, and are excited to see how the value of the fund could continue to rise, allowing for even greater investments for Saints fans and the wider community”


Potential uses of the fund could include improvements to the matchday experience through providing much-needed assistance to local venues impacted by COVID-19. Saints Voice can also decide to retain, or ‘HODL’, a portion of the fund to invest in future seasons, to capitalize on any increase in value.


Sarah Batters, Director of Marketing & Partnerships at Southampton FC stated: 


“Covid had a major impact on our fans’ experience of a matchday last season. Thankfully things are getting back to normal and almost all our fans have returned, so we are delighted to offer our supporters the opportunity to make their match experience even better, this season and beyond.


Working in close collaboration with the fantastic representatives on our Saints Voice panel, with’s ‘Crypto Fan Fund’ we hope to build a closer bond with our supporters by tackling some of the causes that they consider most crucial and look forward to seeing how they ultimately choose to allocate this fund.”


The donation consolidates’s ongoing commitment as the main club sponsor of Southampton Football Club, and as a leader in the crypto community. The initiative is part of’s ‘Believe the Hype’ campaign, encouraging Saints to believe the hype around their club, and around cryptocurrency. Club Partnerships is the main club partner of Southampton FC for the 2021/22 season. The Saints were founding members of the Premier League in 1992/93 and were ever-present until their relegation at the end of the 2004/05 season. After falling on troubled times, which included a further relegation to League 1, they returned to the Premier League for the 2012/13 season and haven’t looked back since. 


The club have enjoyed top-half finishes in recent years, including a sixth-place finish in the 2015/16 season which secured Europa League football. In 2016/17, they reached the final of the League Cup but narrowly missed out on silverware after a 3-2 defeat by Manchester United. They ended the 2019/20 season with a 7-game unbeaten streak to finish 11th with a tally of 52 points. 



Founded in 2016 as part of the Yolo Group, is a leading bitcoin-led sportsbook operator. has an expansive, quality betting product across all major sports and eSports, offering more than 350,000 pre-match events per year, as well as comprehensive in-play content and a diverse range of both crypto and fiat currencies. 


It also provides innovative markets such as player prop bets for soccer, American football, and basketball, and is the only bitcoin-led sportsbook to provide live streaming across all major sports. prides itself on its secure and trustworthy betting service, with withdrawal times of around 1.5 minutes amongst the fastest in the industry. 


For more information about, please visit Socials

Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube


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KuCoin Labs Invest in Huobi-backed SocialFi Platform to Expand into Metaverse & NFT Space

Press Release: The latest strategic investment in emerging SocialFi startup Torum from KuCoin Labs will empower the development of a SocialFi Metaverse powered by VR and Web3.0 technologies. 


4th November 2021, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — Following the strategic investment of Huobi Ventures and 20 other prominent crypto VCs, Torum SocialFi platform is excited to announce that the project has secured a strategic investment from KuCoin Labs, the $50M incubator and research arm of KuCoin.


The Torum KuCoin Ecosystem

Torum is a SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem that is specially designed to connect cryptocurrency users and projects. The Web 3.0 ecosystem is built with a social media platform with over 120,000 users at its core, integrated with an interactive yield farming platform, an NFT marketplace, and lastly the world’s first PFP Metaverse identity – Torum Avatar NFT.


Everything started when Torum announced the ambition to expand into the Metaverse and NFT on 27th September 2021. The SocialFi Metaverse concept has caught the eye of KuCoin Labs, which led to intensive meetings and follow-up calls between the two parties and lastly the strategic investment on Torum.


Lou, Head of KuCoin Labs stated:


“The beauty of Metaverse lies in its diversity. Social, Avatars, NFT collections, GameFi – Metaverse is going to change the world as we see it. This is merely the tip of the iceberg, and we look forward to supporting Torum’s vision to build a SocialFi Metaverse for the crypto users”


Ecosystem Expansion 

As part of this strategic investment, Torum will be building an immersive and interactive SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem, where cryptocurrency users around the world can access Social, Decentralized Finance, NFT and Metaverse all in one place.


Yi Feng Go, CEO, and founder of Torum stated:


“This round is a major step towards the upcoming Metaverse revolution. It doesn’t matter if you are a Bitcoin maximalist, DeFi player, altcoin trader or NFT artist. This SocialFi Metaverse is our promise of creating an open, safe and interconnected world for everyone.”


The partnership with KuCoin Labs will empower Torum with the connection to exclusive partners and access to premium services (blockchain technical support, legal advice, etc) that are within the reach of the KuCoin ecosystem to focus on the development of the SocialFi Metaverse.


About KuCoin Labs

Initially founded as the KuCoin Investment and Incubation Program in May 2018, KuCoin Labs is the investment and research force of the KuCoin ecosystem. With a team of research and market experts, KuCoin Labs diversifies and intensifies investments into early-stage projects, ecosystems, and communities, empowering BUIDLers to achieve sustainable growth and success in the decentralized world.


About Torum 

Torum is the world’s largest SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem that is specially designed for cryptocurrency users and projects. The Web3.0 ecosystem is built on a social media platform, coupled with a yield farming platform for DeFi players, an NFT marketplace for crypto artists, and Avatar NFT for Metaverse enthusiasts.


Torum Socials

Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium | Facebook | LinkedIn | Reddit


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Coingaming Group Rebrands as Yolo Group

Press Release: After several years of success Coingaming Group is rebranding as Yolo Group, as the company continues to expand into new markets.


September 13th, 2021, Tallinn, Estonia —  The Coingaming Group is now Yolo Group, following a full rebrand of the maturing business to better reflect its status as disruptors across a diverse range of sectors including gaming and fintech.


Yolo Group Business Interests

Within the Yolo Group will sit five verticals that cover the full spectrum of the business’ interests:


  • Yolo Investments focuses on investment opportunities across gaming and fintech.
  • Yolo Entertainment, incorporating all Coingaming Group B2C brands including Bitcasino and
  • Yolo Finance, home to our blockchain, fintech, and banking rails-related activities.
  • Yolo Ventures, covering strategic partnership projects on a B2B scale.
  • Yolo Tech, delivering IT and back-office services within our ecosystem.


Yolo Group and the more than 600 Yolo’ers working with the business will continue to be defined by a “fun, fast and fair” approach and a laser focus on putting the customer at the center of the universe.


The change in the brand will further help create synergy throughout the fast-growing group as it continues to expand into new areas and markets.


Yolo Group CEO Maarja Pärt stated:


“I’m both excited and proud to announce that we are rebranding to Yolo Group with a new identity for a company always looking to the future. The Coingaming brand served us well for many years, but as disruptors in industries beyond gaming, we felt Yolo Group better represented our people, our business and our vision.


Yolo Group is about bringing next-level innovation to gaming, fintech, blockchain and many more sectors, all the while ensuring our customers are kept at the centre of the universe. You only live once and that’s why we don’t settle for anything less.”


About Yolo Group

The Yolo Group (formerly the Coingaming Group) brings next-level innovation to the worlds of gaming, fintech, blockchain, and more.


Serving millions of users worldwide, the Yolo Group is committed to putting the customer at the center of the universe via a wide range of fun, fast and fair products, and services, including the pioneering bitcoin-led casino and innovative sports betting site


Number 27th on the 2020 EGR Power 50 list of leading global operators, the Group continues to drive crypto adoption and fintech innovation within both the iGaming and entertainment industry via its array of disruptive B2C and B2B brands.


With offices in Estonia, Ukraine, Brazil, Australia, Malta, and the Philippines, the Group has rapidly expanded to more than 600 employees of more than 49 nationalities. The Group continues to incubate and support new brands, developing its vast, expansive ecosystem of people, products, and services.


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Molecule Partners with VitaDAO and Nevermined Creating First Ever Biopharma IP-to-NFT Transfer for Longevity Research

Molecule Nevermined VitDAO

Press Release: Molecule, a decentralized biopharma marketplace, has developed a novel IP-to-NFT framework with Web3 technology innovator Nevermined. In a historic transaction, the first biopharma IPNFT was successfully transferred to research collective VitaDAO to fund novel longevity therapeutics at the University of Copenhagen.


19th August 2021, Basel, Switzerland — For the first time in history, NFTs are being used for a transfer of IP ownership in medical research. This unique milestone is a result of a partnership between biopharma IP marketplace Molecule, and VitaDAO, a decentralized collective (DAO) funding longevity research, and the University of Copenhagen. This innovation is enabled by a groundbreaking data storage solution developed by web3 technology innovator Nevermined.


VitaDAO, Nevermined, and Molecule Overcome Biopharma Industry Challenges 

Early-stage biopharma research is the lifeblood that fuels advances in medicine. However, many domains in biopharma suffer from chronic underfunding or commercialization challenges that prevent innovation from reaching patients. Legal complexity, illiquidity of IP assets, and lack of access to investors contribute to the problem for researchers. 


By applying Web3 technology, Molecule is enabling a world where researchers get access to an open marketplace that makes novel research and IP discoverable, universally fundable, and distributes ownership. Nevermined’s data storage and access control frameworks create entirely new ways of how the data rights surrounding this IP can be transacted with and accessed.


VitaDAO recently became the first benefactor of this advancement. The collective used Molecule’s protocol and IP NFT framework to acquire IP resulting from longevity research run at the Danish Scheibye-Knudsen Lab and transferred ownership to VitaDAO.

Molecule CEO Paul Kohlhaas stated: 


“This NFT transfer marks a historic milestone for both the NFT and biopharma space. It’s the first time real-world pharma IP is transacted on a blockchain, while also moving into the custodianship of a DAO.”


Combining Legal Frameworks with Web3 Interoperability

The early-stage research phase is plagued by a phenomenon coined the Valley of Death – where funding is hard to obtain, meaning many promising discoveries never make it to market. Molecule is building a marketplace for biopharma IP. 


A specialized technical framework combines legal agreements such as IP licenses with the novel technology of NFTs and decentralized secure data storage networks that are coupled with the NFT. By ledgering ownership rights on Ethereum, Molecule is building a marketplace for liquid biopharma research data and IP via NFTs. Researchers and biotechs list their projects and discoveries, receive funding via DeFi, and can connect directly with patients. Paul Kohlhaas added:


“IP NFTs could effectively replace patent models and become new value drivers thanks to Nevermined’s data storage frameworks. We hope to enable a myriad of use cases like this, first focusing on longevity and mental health and then broadly becoming a sort of “OpenSea” for Biotech NFTs that helps empower new research organizations like VitaDAO.” 


Simultaneously, new vehicles to collaborate and fund research are forming in the web3 space. VitaDAO is a “Decentralised Autonomous Organisation” that collectively funds early longevity research projects via its community contributors. In June 2021, it raised $5 million from hundreds of individuals via a Gnosis batch auction – placing the organization directly into the hands of its community. Now it is on a mission to finance the most promising longevity research endeavors and decentralize their ownership.


Want to Live Forever? There’s an NFT for That

The complex requirements for storing, transferring, and accessing IP-related files require more than just a standard NFT. Nevermined implemented its Access Control module to create NFTs on steroids with Molecule. These novel NFTs enable the transacting parties to engage with the underlying protected research data via federated access control. This use case has a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry.


 Nevermind CTO Aitor Argomániz stated: 


“Access Control allows creators and owners of digital assets to attach conditions to an NFT. Think of things like pricing, verified users, privacy parameters, etc.. At the same time, it acts as a Gateway to guarantee that only parties that fulfill certain conditions can get access to the underlying documents.”


The module is also cross-tech-compatible. This allows apps to make secure, critical connections between Ethereum, the cloud (e.g AWS), and decentralized hosting (e.g Arweave). This is the only way to guarantee a Certificate of Authenticity with permanence, traceability, and privacy built-in.


Nevermined Socials 

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Molecule is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. 

How to Create the Perfect Press Kit for Your Blockchain Business

Congratulations, your PR efforts are paying off! You are not only reaching your desired audience but are now also noticing that journalists are starting to show an interest in your project. We previously discussed how to write the perfect cryptocurrency press release to amplify your message and share your progress with the world. It is now time to supply journalists with the resources they need to follow up on the story, i.e. a press kit.


What is a Press Kit?

A press kit, sometimes referred to as a media kit, serves the purpose of helping reporters with the basic information to develop a story about your blockchain business, complete with accompanying media such as logos and images. Journalists utilize press kits to access those resources quickly and easily, as they know any information and media provided won’t need approvals from you that could potentially delay publication. In fact, this should be clearly mentioned in the press kit: that all resources are freely available for use without permission.

You can write press kits to introduce a speaker, promote an event or highlight a new product but today, we are going to focus on how to make a press kit for your blockchain business.

Compiling a press kit is not very complicated. In most cases, all the parts are usually already created in one way or another, ready for you to repackage them up in a single place.

This is a fairly comprehensive guide to cater to a wide variety of crypto businesses, service providers and product developers alike, so feel free to pick and choose what you feel best reflects your company. The fruit of your labor will hopefully be more press coverage and, with the additional exposure that comes with that, an uptick in sales! 


What to Include in Your Press Kit?

– A Step by Step Guide


1. Start With a Bio

Reporters will want to get to know your business and your product. The introduction in your press kit  is a good place to answer the first set of questions. We’ve talked about the 5W rule (who, what, where, when, why, and how):

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you selling? 
  3. Where are you based and where can a potential client access your service?
  4. When will it be available? 
  5. Why is there a need for your product? 
  6. How can it be accessed?


Please keep reading for a total breakdown of the bio:


  • When did you launch?
  • Where did the company start?
  • Who founded the company?
  • Why did you decide to launch your product? What need sparked the idea?
  • Share how the business came about if there was a particular person or action that made it possible. A crowdfund could show a big interest. Backing from an organization could show that there was serious due diligence behind the project.


The current state of your blockchain business 

  • Share the location of your headquarters.
  • It is a good idea to share the number of employees if you are a sizable team.
  • If you operate outside the virtual world then share how many stores and offices there are and where they are located.


What you do

  • Share a roundup of your products/services.
  • Give a short pitch about your most notable product. Imagine that a journalist would use this information in the summary to an article. You can go into more detail in the following step.  


Success markers

  • If sharing client names is an option then feel free to mention notable ones.
  • The volume of customers served is great if you have been in business a while.
  • Media loves company so mention if you have been covered by any prominent publication.
  • Give a run down of your historical milestones: awards, launches partnerships, etc.


You can add information such as annual revenue especially if your company is publicly listed. A mission statement can also be added if it is important to show your values and plans for the future.


2. Introduce Your Flagship Product

It is time to share your flagship product in detail together with the most important features.
Make it as compelling as possible by sharing what makes your product unique. Do not overlook basic information such as where it can be purchased and the price of the product.
Bullet points are great to keep the information digestible for a busy journalist.

Briefly introduce other notable products in your press kit, keeping in mind that the text should remain fairly short. You can always link to other pages with more information.

Drive home the point with case studies, statistics and testimonials if you have some handy. Make sure that they are not too salesy as this may repel reporters from including it in their story.

Questions and Answers may provide necessary details. We operate in a tech savvy industry so feel free to share a short Q&A or FAQ; make sure that the questions are interesting for a journalist. Pick and choose rather than copying and pasting from existing ones.

Including a product guide featuring dimensions and all the tech specs is another good option, especially for physical products. Link to a comprehensive version to save space. 

Provide a sample, if possible. Are you able to include a product demo in video format? Maybe a guest login or a free trial? If so, get creative to give reporters a real feel for your product or service. 


3. Introduce Interviewable Team Members

Key members of your management are likely to get interview requests, be asked to attend speaking engagements or provide expert commentary.

Publish short bios with headshots from each person and feel free to link to articles, podcasts etc. that they have appeared in.

Quotes will provide depth and insight especially if the deadline is tight and the reporter won’t have time for an official statement of interview. You can learn how to craft the perfect quote in this recent post.

Make sure that the bio is about their current role and is tied to your company and product if a previous role is not of great importance.

Contact details are great if you feel comfortable, or you could share LinkedIn if you want to avoid spam.


4. Showcase Your Press Releases

A press release is an informational news announcement about an exciting milestone. You have hopefully had a steady stream of announcements sent out since the launch of your business announcing partnerships, new features, etc. Make it easy for a reporter to see an overview by showcasing them in your press kit.

Index the press releases by clearly listing the title so that the journalist can easily find what they are looking for. Link to the press release or show the image, title and summary in the press kit to save space. You do not have to include all of them; the most recent or newsworthy ones will do.


5. Show that You are Hot News with Press Coverage

Media loves company, hence featuring articles about your company is a great way to show a reporter that other publications have shown an interest. Furthermore, prominent news sites carefully select and use due diligence protocols when selecting a story which can offer some reinsurance and establish you as a thought leader in your field. Make a habit of adding new press releases as you grow.

Articles are subject to copyright laws. You are free to link to the article and mention the news site’s name but you require permission to share the logo, re-publish or manipulate the article in any way. When in doubt, ask the news site. Some news sites may ask for a fee but if it is a notable one, it can be worth considering paying that fee. Keep the article selection up to date and relevant to your current situation. After all, a 5-year old article about winning a competition might inadvertently reflect poorly on the progress you’ve made since.


6. Show Your Trophies

Awards and patents are relevant so do not shy away from showcasing them as they can further establish you as a leader in your field and a valued contributor to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Make sure to update this section in your press kit each time you score a new win!


7. Bring on the Graphics

By now, you have provided a good chunk of information that the media can use to write their story. It’s time for some icing on the cake with some media-ready graphics. Make sure that you own the copyright to all graphics including the right to share and reprint!

Good quality graphics are a worthy area to invest in. Great digital assets to include are:

  • High-resolution logos in different formats and sizes.
  • Images of your product or service including screenshots from software such as an app. Images of the team and/or office.
  • Explainer videos.
  • Infographics.


8. List Additional Resources

Include other resources such as other pages with information or a whitepaper in your press kit to make it easy for a reporter to dig deeper. Don’t forget links to your social media channels.


9. Be Prepared for Inquiries

You may already have shared contact details but you can also include a media contact at your company. Make sure that this person is easy to reach and able to answer quickly, ideally within a few hours to avoid missing opportunities. Reporters stick to strict deadlines so offer them multiple ways of contacting the person; including available platforms such as Telegram, email, and phone.


10. Location, Location, Location

You can make your press kit a part of your website by creating a new page for it or have it as a viewable and downloadable PDF document. The key is to have it clearly advertised; if it takes more than a couple of seconds to locate it, it’s in the wrong place. Journalists are busy and impatient. You want to cater to their needs by making your press kit easily available, compact and packed with useful information.

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​Rollbit Introduces Bonus Battles: An Exciting and Unique Way to Enjoy Slot Games

Press Release: Cryptocurrency casino platform, Rollbit, launches Bonus Battles, an innovative feature that offers exciting new ways to enjoy Bonus Features within the platform’s popular slot games.


9th August 2021, Willemstad, Curacao – Rollbit is announcing the launch of Bonus Battles, a unique, never before seen feature in cryptocurrency casinos, in which players can interact with each other in a variety of slot games involving Bonus Buys. This game mode is available to all (not just high rollers), as Bonus Battles can be launched with a buy-in as little as $2.05.


Rollbit Rewards its Loyal Customer Base

Players can join existing Bonus Battles or create their own by picking a slot, a Bonus Buy amount, and the number of competitors (currently, a maximum of 4 is permitted). Once the last participant has joined a battle, each player must buy the required Bonus Buy and whoever has the largest winnings at the end will bank everyone else’s balance.


To celebrate the launch of the new game mode, Rollbit is offering double rakeback on all Bonus Battles. Rakeback is just one aspect of Rollbit’s reward system where 10% of the house edge is given back to players. However, since the rakeback is doubled for Bonus Battles, 20% of the slot’s house edge is returned to players (for a limited time only!).


Rollbit’s Co-Founder Razer commented:


 “We’re extremely excited to bring Bonus Battles to the market. Bonus Battles gives our users a new and exciting way to enjoy bonus features within their favourite games, pitting 2 or more players against each other in a winner takes all PvP game mode. Our development team has done a tremendous job again, hats off to them! While the feature is pretty cool in its current form, we have so many ideas for how we can enhance Bonus Battles and add new Battle modes. Be sure to keep checking back as we’ll be shipping improvements and new Battle modes very soon.”


A New Dimension

Bonus Battles create a whole new social dimension for slot games and are not available anywhere else. The recent addition also opens up fresh content opportunities for casino streamers, building on Rollbit’s Streams feature. Crypto casino streams have witnessed rapid growth in popularity in the past year and the brand new Bonus Battles feature enables streamers to go head-to-head directly in slot games to create more exciting content.


With the recent release of Bonus Battles, Rollbit continues to expand its crypto casino offering and has positioned itself ahead of the competition. The launch of Bonus Battles followed on from a series of updates that have been delivered at a rapid rate including: 


  • Challenges – so players can earn more from hitting certain multipliers, 
  • Leveraged cryptocurrency trading (with 8 cryptocurrencies available), and 
  • Rollbit’s partnership program (Allowing content creators to earn more from promoting Rollbit).


This is just the start for Rollbit and more innovative features are on the horizon.


About Rollbit

Rollbit is an online casino platform specializing in cryptocurrencies. Founded in February 2020 by a team of entrepreneurs with a shared passion for online gambling, Rollbit is committed to creating unique and fun experiences for its users. The platform hosts a diverse selection of games, including slots, table games, game shows and exclusive in-house games. Rollbit is positioned at the forefront of the cryptocurrency gambling space, with instant BTC, ETH & LTC deposits/withdrawals and a plethora of exciting features for its loyal customer base.


For more information about Rollbit’s latest developments, visit Rollbit’s main site here.


Get in touch with Rollbit via e-mail

Join the Rollbit community on Discord

Follow Rollbit on Twitter


Media Contact Details

Contact Name: GrayFox

Contact Email: [email protected]

ROLLBIT is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

How to Write a Perfect Cryptocurrency Press Release – With Example

What is a Cryptocurrency Press Release?

A cryptocurrency press release is a public relations tool that allows your blockchain-based business to communicate an official announcement to a large number of people and journalists simultaneously, with the main purpose of providing information directly from the source just like any other press release. However, as a business catering exclusively to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, our PR focus is on this particular industry with the community structures and media that come with it.

As a part of the broader term ‘content marketing’, press releases are an excellent way to increase brand awareness, spread information, and generate leads to your blockchain business; it is considered by many as a vital part of the awareness stage in the buyer’s journey. Although most blockchain announcements could warrant a press release here are a few examples:

  • The launch of a new website, product, app, or service. 
  • Mergers, partnerships, acquisitions, and new backers.  
  • Product improvements, apologies, and rebranding.
  • Events, awards, executive promotions, and new job openings.


Press releases are brief and to the point which makes it easy for journalists to spot a potential story. Cision, one of the largest mainstream newswires in the world, surveyed over 2,700 journalists in 15 countries in their 2021 Global State of the Media Report. The extensive survey concluded that 78% of journalists want to receive press releases and news announcements as they find it a useful and effective source of information.


Helpful Tips in Writing a Cryptocurrency Press Release – How To Stay On Target!

As someone that has written hundreds of blockchain and cryptocurrency press releases, I can tell you that organising before you start writing is your key to success. As you are most likely heavily involved in the project it is very easy to let passion and vast knowledge of the project overshadow the actual message and basic information. After all, the people that you are addressing are just hearing about it for the first time which requires you to provide all the basic information in this first introduction. Do not get me wrong, knowledge and passion will have its role to play later on. Here are my key tips before you get started:    

Establishing the main objectives of the cryptocurrency press release, I find that two main goals are usually the best amount but you could do more if required. Try not to jam too much into one single press release, you can always release more than one press release.  Examples of main objectives could be:

– Attract visitors to your conference and spread awareness.
– Announce a partnership and highlight an upcoming product as a result of the collaboration.
– Highlight the success of a recent launch and two new features.

Establish your main keyphrase beforehand. This is important as you want to incorporate it several times in your text. Pick something relevant that is specific to your announcement and fairly unique eg. “virtual blockchain conference” or “DiFi Partnership”. Variants of the keyphrase chosen can be scattered throughout the cryptocurrency press release. 

You could go as deep in the SEO rabbit hole as you please but I usually stick to these simple rules in my writing.

– Use the main keyphrase in the title.
– Use it in the summary/first paragraph
– Make sure that the main keyphrase is included in at least one hyperlink.
– Make sure to mention the keyphrase 4-6 times in the press release depending on the length of the text; a keyphrase density of 0.5%-3%.

Establish a clear Call to Action (CTA) for your cryptocurrency press release. What do you want the reader to do? A CTA can be asking the reader to visit a certain page, joining a competition, acknowledging an apology, or subscribing to a service. Having it written down before you start will simply help you not forget it.  After all, it is a key motivation to why you are releasing the announcement.

Establish a structure early with the 5W rule. Even as an old journalistic rule of thumb the rule holds up over time and helps you to keep your press release organised and informative. Confusingly it is more of 5W and 1H: Who, What, Why, How, When, and Where. I put as many as is relevant to my piece down on the paper before I start and add the answers. This helps me to put this key information in the text in an order that makes sense without risking overlooking them when I am deep in the writing process.


The Anatomy of a Press Release

There is a specific order in a press release that complies with most media outlets including press release distribution services. The press release body should be 300-500 words.

Save yourself from editing by establishing the right language. A stellar press release should read like a short and precise article and be written in the third person. Avoid using ‘I’, ‘you’, ‘we’, ‘us’, exclamation marks, and question marks unless it is in a quote.  Furthermore, stay away from sales-heavy language as this may repel some media outlets examples of this would be statements such as “buy it now!”. 

Use words that are easy enough to understand independently of insight. As members of a tech-savvy industry trying to reach into the mainstream media sphere we do tend to use language that may seem complicated to some but if we dumb it down we will loose the interest of our community members.

The trick is to explain the industry-specific words in your cryptocurrency press release in the same sentence; a common trick used by politicians holding a speech that should be compelling to the academic and non-academic masses alike. Example: “The new technology behind MadeUp’s cryptocurrency hardware wallet is Blockchain-based with all personal data securely kept in an unhackable virtual chain of information

Do you need to cover several topics or explain several features? Use secondary titles to break up the text. You can stick to one uniform body if you only need to explain one concept but secondary titles throughout the text are great to break things up.

1. Title – Hook Your Audience. The title is arguably one of the most important parts of an eye-catching press release and is key in getting your audience interested. However, keep the hook realistic to avoid coming across as clickbait. “The hook” can include a big name, big number, a generous offer, or a buzzword such as NFT. Mention both companies if it is about a partnership.

The title should be around 70 characters long, the title should contain the company name, focus keyphrase and hook. It is wise to write the title last as writing the text might inspire you to come up with a better title.

Example: “MadeUp Releases Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet After $1M Crowdfund” 

Company Name: MadeUp
Keyphrase: Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet
Hook: $1M Crowdfund 

2. Main Image. Preferably, you should be able to tell what the cryptocurrency press release is about by looking at the image. Thus it is wise to include your company logo and a preview of the product or service. A banner image can be placed above or under the title depending on your preferred format and where you decide to publish it. It is a good idea to get the image made in a few different sizes just in case an outlet asks for a different size.

Most media outlets will allow more than one graphic in your press release such as a video or an infographic. Graphics should be elements that bring your press release to life. According to Cision’s 2021 Global State of the Media Report, 22% of journalists explicitly said that they want multimedia assets in the press releases they receive to avoid it being discarded or left unread.

3. Summary. The summary is basically the press release in a very short format and can be copied and pasted as a news tip to journalists. The 70 – 155 character long text should perfectly explain what the press release is about and contain the focus keyphrase in the first sentence. I base the summary around the 5W rule (who, what, why, how, when, where). I will repeat the 5W rule in the text.

Example: “MadeUp’s security packed cryptocurrency hardware wallet will be available on the website on March 6 as a result of a successful fundraising”

Who: MadeUp (company name)
What: A hardware wallet
Why: Added security
How: Due to a fundraising
When: March 6
Where: Website

4. Dateline. Most media outlets require you to state the release date of the press release and the city and country that the company is based in. The dateline should be placed after the summary but before the press release begins.


5. The Introduction is the first paragraph of the press release and should ideally compel the reader to keep reading. I usually include ‘who and ‘what” in this paragraph together with the main driver of the project, service, or product. In the example used in this text, the main driver for the MadeUp hardware wallet is security. A person interested in the product would be compelled to keep reading the press release to find out how it is more secure than other wallets currently on the market.

6. The Second Paragraph – Build a Background. This is where you build up the need for your product, lay out the issues and how they can be resolved by you, or explain why an upgrade was needed and the impact it will have on the user. This is usually where I include ‘why’ and ‘how’.

Leverage statistics if you have them handy to really hammer home the need for your product or the fact that you have responded to demands from your users.

7. Explain Your Product in More Detail.  Answer ‘what’ again but go into more depth in this paragraph(s).

8. Quotes and/or Testimonials (optional). ⅓ to ½  is a good spot for quotes. Quotes are there to provide a feeling, not facts, facts are already covered in the text. This is your team’s chance to share their unique voice, ideas, and passion for the project. Quotes add depth to a press release that can easily come across as a bit soulless. The most common person to submit a quote is the CEO, founder, or project leader but you could very well choose to include a developer or sales manager instead. 1-2 quotes are usually best in this length of text, they do not necessarily need to come from the same person.

Testimonials can be included if you feel like it would build trust in your product, especially if they come from a prominent member of the community.

9. Create Action. By now, your reader should be well versed in your product and the need for it. This is why this paragraph is a great place to answer ‘where’ and ‘when’, where can the reader access your product/offer/service and when will it be available.

Establish a clear Call to Action (CTA) explaining what you want the reader to do next such as visiting a certain page. This is also where you should use the FOMO effect (Fear of Missing Out) explaining why the reader should act quickly, it can be wise to include a time-limited offer such as “the 500 first customers will receive a 20% discount”.

10. Closing Paragraph The ending segment is where you summarise the text again and emphasize the importance of the project to the industry or to the investor. Make this paragraph as positive as possible to leave the reader feeling excited.  

11. Links and Resources. Add relevant links to follow up your ending segment, it can be your website, relevant pages, a link to your media kit and a link to your whitepaper. 

12. Media Contact Information. You are sending out a press release with the hope to not only find your audience but also catch the interest of journalists. Make sure that the person listed is able to receive requests and that the information is accurate. Include name, title, email, phone number, and other means of contact like Telegram.

13. Disclaimer (optional). If you feel like any information in the cryptocurrency press release could lead to a legal predicament or be misunderstood in any way, it is good practice to include a disclaimer. You can always ask a legal professional for advice or to write a disclaimer for you. As a service provider, ours is very simple “[Company name] is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.”


Example of a Blockchain-Based Press Release

**Please note that this is a fictitious press release, any likeness with existing products or persons are circumstantial. The product does not to the best of my knowledge exist but serves as an example of a press release for a blockchain-based business. 


MadeUp Releases Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet After $1M Fundraising

MadeUp’s security-packed cryptocurrency hardware wallet will be available on the website on March 6 as a result of a successful crowdfund.

July 30, 2021 – Capital, Krakozhia – MadeUp, one of the market’s leading trading platforms, is now releasing a secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet after successfully securing $1,000 000 in funds during a six-month fundraising period. The new hardware wallet features multi-level security and a state-of-the-art interface.

Security is the main concern of the cryptocurrency community which was made clear in a survey issued by MadeUp of over 1700 cryptocurrency enthusiasts, 67% answered that security was the most important aspect when looking for a cryptocurrency wallet. 56% favoured a hardware wallet for security reasons when asked which type of long-term cryptocurrency storage they preferred.

MadeUp has leveraged its many years of experience with security concerns to develop a five-level security protocol. The security protocol features fingerprint recognition, 2-factor authentication, a smart track feature that allows the user to track their device from their smartphone, an algorithm that warns if the device is used in an unusual way based on the habits of the owner and last but not least a transaction cap that can be adjusted by the user from the software control center.

The MadeUp team of developers recognise that security and usability must work in tandem to create a seamless user experience. Lead Developer John Doe explains,

“As cryptocurrency enthusiasts ourselves we are beyond excited to finally offer a wallet that fulfills our own security needs and user expectations. After almost a year of development, we are now certain that our hardware wallet will not only serve our users but also raise the bar of security and usability for other hardware wallets on a global scale.”

Weighing in at only 15 grams, the brushed stainless steel case is waterproof and the display comes with an option for a white or black background. The MadeUp cryptocurrency hardware wallet goes beyond security, the device comes with a software control center compatible with all smartphones, smart pads, and computers. The MadeUp wallet includes a wireless charger, a protective sleeve and the option to charge via USB and USC ports. Transactions are made via Bluetooth or by connecting the charging cord, the user can also choose from two different interfaces via the control center for added customization. Jane Doe, CEO of VeryImportantPerson and a member of the test panel had the following to say,

“After using the MadeUp wallet for over 4 months I can honestly say that it exceeds all my expectations. I was concerned that the security features would become a nuisance but it hasn’t affected my user experience at all. I have customised my wallet to perfectly suit my needs and I appreciate the peace of mind knowing that my assets are safe and easy to access for years to come.”

The MadeUp wallet will be available for purchase on the website at 8:00 GMT on the 1st of September 2021, retailing at $299. Users can preorder the device now, the 500 first customers to preorder the MadeUp hardware wallet will receive a 20% discount followed by a 10% discount for the next 500 customers.

The September release of the MadeUp cryptocurrency hardware wallet marks both a promise kept to the many initial investors that participated in the fundraising and an exciting new era of security for the cryptocurrency community.

To preorder the MadeUp cryptocurrency hardware wallet please visit preorder/madeup.notexcisting

To find out more please see the full white paper at whitepaper/madeup.notexcisting or visit the website madeup.notexcisting

Media Contact Details

Name: PR representative, Sarah Jane Doe
Email: sarahjanedoe@madeup.notexcisting


Let the World Know About Your Blockchain Business

Your knowledge and passion for your project can provide unique insight and a truly compelling press release. These very in-depth instructions might seem a bit overwhelming at first but once the order comes naturally you will be able to make press releases for all your upcoming announcements easily and in a pretty short amount of time; a worthy tool to have in a lifetime of creativity and invention.

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Musée To Launch World’s First NFT-Owned Marketplace Platform on July 20th, 2021


Press Release: The Musée platform launches July 20th, 2021, giving creators, collectors, and investors the chance to own one of the world’s first NFT Marketplace plots.


6th July 2021, British Columbia, Canada – Musée is an innovative new project by the Canadian company Inverted Studios, which has combined Ethereum blockchain technology with digital art to launch the world’s first NFT-owned marketplace platform. The launch begins Tuesday the 20th of July, 2021, where the 10,000 plots will be available for purchase.


What is Musée?

The Musée platform is a marketplace for NFT art with a seamless digital experience, allowing visitors to explore the CryptoArts on a single large grid integrated within the web browser. The platform recreates the mesmerizing effect of navigating through an art gallery. This also ensures that all plot owners are always on the front page of the platform. Musée is the first forum to use NFTs as plot ownership and offer a full marketplace for artists and creators alike. Musée’s platform is built on top of a limited quantity of plots and utilizes the Ethereum blockchain ERC-721.


The World’s First NFT Marketplace Plots 

In addition to being the world’s first NFT marketplace using NFT-owned plots, the number of plots is strictly limited to 10,000 with every single one commanding a position on the website’s main page, and future digital museum. Plot owners can share their work, collections and also sell art and collectibles on each plot they own — all digitally signed for authenticity.


More than just a digital gallery, Musée will evolve into a creative social environment where creators and collectors engage with followers. The plots are much more than just a space to showcase a beautiful piece of digital art. Each plot will connect to an artist’s profile, as well as their collections and various art creations. It will also indicate what art is for sale, the value of that artist’s entire collection, and the social buzz that each artist’s work has: their likes, followers, and much more.


The more successful plots will evolve and the potential for growth is huge. As owners gain followers, so do their plots. This allows them to grow in value and increase in collect-ability as their reputation increases. Owners have an option to purchase multiple plots together, which makes for interesting creative opportunities to display their work and give themselves the potential to really stand out.


Disrupting Art With Innovation

Metaverse museums are the world’s first virtual museums and the next environment where millions of enthusiasts and artists will view and purchase digital artwork. Musée aims to be the pioneer for metaverse museums and establish an art revolution on the blockchain with its platform in the future.


Using the power of Ethereum blockchain ERC-721, Musée will break new ground by placing real, authenticated digital NFT artwork in metaverse museums. This will really help to bring artists’ work to life online. Musée is already planning integration within metaverses and potentially real galleries through upcoming partnerships. In doing so, they’ll turn the abstract into reality.


Musée Platform Launch

The Musée platform launch will take place at 9 AM EST on Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 offering the plots for a price of 0.5 ETH each, a fair launch and with no bonding curve.

Additionally, Musée will be running a plot giveaway on every day prior to the launch, make sure to follow them on Twitter for your chance to win daily!


How To Buy a Plot?

To buy one of the Musée art plots, interested parties just need to:

  1. Visit the Musée launch page.
  2. Connect their wallet to the Musée platform.
  3. Select which plot(s) they wish to purchase by clicking on it.
  4. Pay with ETH.
  5. Upload your NFT!


The Musée platform offers a unique opportunity for creators, collectors, enthusiasts, and consumers to come together, showcase their art and purchase original work. Own your plot and join Musée in taking part in the blockchain art revolution.


Musée Socials

Twitter  | Discord | Telegram | Instagram


Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Kevin Domon

Contact Email: [email protected]


Museé is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest

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Pillar Releases V2 of the First Community-Run Multichain Wallet That Cuts Gas Fees by 99%

Press Release: Pillar launches V2 of its multichain crypto wallet – the first to be governed by users. 


28th June 2021, London, United Kingdom – The second iteration of Pillar’s flagship crypto wallet is launching in a period of stellar growth for the wider cryptocurrency industry as crypto assets across the board see their valuations soar. In turn, crypto wallet providers like Pillar are attempting to keep pace with demand, as more and more investors, traders and crypto-enthusiasts search for secure and accessible storage for their newly-obtained assets. 


The V2 of Pillar’s multichain wallet – which for the first-time will be community governed – aims to provide a user-friendly and safe option for these crypto-enthusiasts, as well as an inexpensive alternative to the more mainstream and established options. Indeed, V2’s new features and services are tailored to crypto newbies and natives alike, including: 


  • Community DAO – Pillar (PLR) token holders govern the product roadmap, fund initiatives; manage the treasury of 100M PLR tokens; and get rewarded for their contributions.


  • Low fees and faster transaction speeds – users can connect to dApps available on side chains and Layer 2 networks and pay 99 percent lower fees compared to Ethereum. 


  • Cross-portfolio management – one wallet, one address, and one dashboard to manage crypto assets across networks for a unified multi-chain experience.


  • In-app Curated insights – wallet users can access industry news, trends and educational materials directly within the app (via Pillar Stories).


  • Decentralized and secure – smart contract-based wallets offer enhanced security and are recoverable 


Pillar’s founders are holding a webinar launch event called “Will DeFi Cross the Chasm?” on June 30th at 6pm CET to show attendees how the V2 multichain wallet can guide them on their crypto journeys. 


CEO of Pillar, Michael Messele says:


“Pillar aims to play a vital role in bringing DeFi to a mainstream audience with this release,” adding;


“The V2 launch brings together the expertise we’ve gained from building and scaling smart wallet solutions in the decentralized space over the past three years with exceptional UX/UI.”


CCO of Pillar, Aldin Ademović said, 


“Ethereum remains the industry leader for innovation and liquidity, and Pillar V2 will guide users there, but with more intent and purpose by educating them on the basic characteristics of EVM-compatible chains and the benefits of smart contract wallets.”


The updated WalletConnect feature will have automatic network switching to connect users to chains like xDAI, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon.


“Pillar’s native SDK, Etherspot, powers the multichain aspect of the V2 smart wallet, making the entire experience seamless for users,” Ademović continued; 

“Plus developers can leverage the technology for broader adoption in the DeFi space.” 


Pillar Partner Ramp Network  makes in-app fiat purchases possible on EVM-chains, reducing purchase fees by 80 percent. Data-driven analytics will be provided by partner Novum Insights, a market intelligence company based in London.


Pillar’s webinar launch event, “Will DeFi Cross the Chasm?” takes place on June 30th at 6pm CET! Speakers include Pillar CEO Michael Messele and CCO Aldin Ademović, together with industry leaders and partners including AAVE’s Integration Lead, Mark Zeller, Polygon’s VP Growth, Arjun Kalsy and 1inch’s Co-Founder, Anton Bukov. 


Click here to register for the webinar.


About Pillar

Pillar is an open-source project and community-run crypto wallet that makes DeFi markets accessible, affordable, and easier to navigate. 

It’s the first multichain DeFi wallet to be governed by users: PLR token holders can join the community DAO and take part in product development, project roadmapping, partnerships, funding marketing initiatives, and more

Powered by its native Etherspot, Pillar’s crypto wallet caters to users of Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains, and puts community first by empowering users with information.

Pillar V2 launches today with many exciting new features and benefits and users are encouraged to download V2 and join our Discord community. Download Pillar for Android or iPhone today!

To learn more about how Pillar plans to create a seamless DeFi experience for users, and to sign up for the webinar, visit the website here.


Follow Pillar on Twitter

Read Pillar documentation on Github

Download Pillar’s app for iOS and Android here


Media Contact Details

Contact Name: AmaZix Press Team

Contact Email: [email protected] 


PILLAR is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.