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Cryptographic Coin (CRT) has integrated advanced technology inspired by ZeroCoin, NovaCoin and PeerCoin, as well as a system that deletes all traces after a transaction making transactions completely and fully anonymous. CRTCoin is already accepted on the exchanges Nix-E, UseCryptos and AllCrypt.

The maximum number of Cryptographic Coins to be produced is 100 000 000 (one hundred million). CRT is both proof of work and proof of stake, with approximately an 80% to 20% split depending on network power. The hybrid system of proof-of-stake and proof-of-work production allows miners and stakers to produce coins either by using physical calculations or using cryptocurrency deposits. Users just need to have a certain amount of coins in their account and included purse, which gives a chance for coin production. As for cryptocurrency features, there can be feedback difficulty and rewards (as in PoS, and the PoW) – meaning the unit reward decreases with power increasing.

CRTCoin is the first cryptocurrency that is a balanced instrument and it’s coin production volume should be equal to the amount of destroyed commission with time, and perhaps even exceed it. When mining the award for solving a unit is up to 8 coins.

CRTCoin’s unprecedented mechanism for proof-of-stake is CryptoBank – based the keeping of coins in a common wallet for new block generation. As with hardware mining the distribution of benefit is carried out according to the contribution of each participant.

After users have achieved a balance in the field “mined” of more than 1.01CRT (total for all deposits of their account) automatic payment will be made to the address of e-purse provided during registration. Such payments will be made automatically every time the users balance at Cryptobank is greater than 1.01 CRT.

Mining power indicates the power of mining of users’ deposits. This parameter grows within 30 days from the date of the deposit opening. If users’ withdraw a deposit before 30 days, they get only the principal amount of deposit, and all their further benefits will be revoked and distributed between participants of CryptoBank. If they withdraw a deposit after 30 days, they keep the benefits and their deposit. From the 31st day this device becomes red and sign “extreme” appears, that is an indication that this deposit is now the most effective for mining, as well as that users can now withdraw their funds in full.

CryptoBank is very, very safe. It is built in such a manner that even if your link will be stolen (which is the only way to get to your personal account), the maximum that the attacker can do is to return all deposits to the user’s account, or to make another deposit at the attackers own expense. The security of users’ deposits is maximum and there is no way to drain you of your funds.

CryptoBank works only in the anonymous TPR network, to exclude the possibility of DDOS-attack, and the ability to determine the server location on which the generation of coins is carried out. CRTCoin users must use TOR-browser to access CryptoBank; to ensure CryptoBank’s security is maintained in the TOR network.

With CRT’s truly anonymous cryptocurrency transactions, its innovative proof of stake interest payments made with CryptoBank, and the unpredented integration of ZeroCoin, NovaCoin and PeerCoin technologies: Cryptographic Coin is a true standout in the increasingly crowded cryptocurrency space.

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To learn more about the official CRTCoin CryptoBank: bankmyoarpabtfai.onion (TorBrowser)

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