Token Sale Press Release Policy

We have decided to make our Token Sale Press Release Policy publicly accessible. For these projects, press releases and the token sales themselves must meet the following requirements:

– As well as the below, all token sales are subject to a manual review from our compliance team. The compliance team may ask for additional information from the token sale. The compliance team’s decision will be final, and a full refund will be issued if Bitcoin PR Buzz cannot send out PR for a token sale.

If you are a token sale and submitting a PR for publication with us, please make sure to let us know any additional information that will help the compliance team make a positive decision. This includes evidence of partnerships with Universities, other companies, your token sale’s engagement with the blockchain community at conferences, your token sale’s approach to being legally compliant, history of your company if you have been in business for a long time and now conducting a token sale, if you already have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or alpha developed, etc.

– The token sale must not be run by a company in the United States

– The token sale must not be open to United States participants

– The token sale must not claim to offer “guaranteed returns” or unrealistic “guaranteed” growth projections of future value or future market capitalization anywhere on the project’s website, or in the Whitepaper

– The token sale must have a high quality website

– The token sale must have a high quality, detailed Whitepaper that clearly lays out a roadmap and how raised funds will be used. The Whitepaper should also have a terms and conditions section, and a risk statement

– The token sale website must have a “team” section on the website. This section must have real, aged Linkedin profiles linked to some of the core team members

– Token sales must be willing to send us passport / ID copies of team members quickly and efficiently when requested

Please see our full terms and conditions here: