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Cryptocurrency enthusiasts from the start. We have 2 years experience in Bitcoin marketing specifically: leveraging our unique expertise, partnerships and experience we bring you the most refined, effective, and value for money Bitcoin marketing and Bitcoin press release service to be found.

Why are you doing this?

1.) The Bitcoin ecosystem needs more professional services that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. So we made one.

2.) We believe Bitcoin is an emerging fundamentally disruptive technology which has the potential to revolutionise society, culture, and finance to the same degree as the creation of the Internet itself. We want to do our part.

3.) We are passionate about Bitcoin and genuinely enjoy blasting the word out into the mainstream about innovative and exciting Bitcoin endeavours. Choose someone who loves their work – right?

Do you only accept Bitcoin as a payment method?

If you have a need for our services and can only pay in fiat via Paypal we may make an exception for you so please do get in touch.

Yes, however as well as Bitcoin we proudly accept Litecoin LTC, DevCoin DVC, FastCoin FST and Cryptogenic Bullion CGB for any and all Press Release, promotion and marketing services offered.

Will you promote my Bitcoin gaming website with your Press Release services?

We ONLY accept Bitcoin gaming websites which are a product of a legally registered company. It does not matter which country your company is registered in but you MUST have a professional, registered company or business backing your operation.

Can you promote my non-Bitcoin service?

Unlike most online services , we don’t just take on any client. We prefer to work with innovative Bitcoin or cryptocurrency projects, businesses and merchants. However, please do contact us if you are involved in a project involved in any emerging technology or which is particularly innovative as we may still want to work with you.

Existing businesses who are now accepting Bitcoin payments are definitely accepted (you rock), please contact us for specialised services such as getting your name out in the Bitcoin community and beyond.

I want to hire Bitcoin PR Buzz for regular work / to give me foot massages / I have something else in mind that you don’t currently offer as a service.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

What are your credentials?

One of us has a relevant degree with honors, and we have over ten years experience in online marketing, professional writing and PR.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee with your service?

Guarantees are offered depending on which service you order, for more information check out our services page.

 What’s the meaning of life?

42…… Bitcoins that is!