Elsa’s Pacific Solo Row From California To Hawaii Seeking Bitcoin Sponsorship And Donations

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On 7 June 2014, Elsa Hammond will depart from Monterey Bay, California to row 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. She is competing in the Great Pacific Race 2014, the first ever rowing race in the Pacific Ocean. Rowing solo and unsupported, Elsa will be alone at sea for up to three months. This is the first ocean rowing race to attempt the largest ocean in the world, and the odds are high that the current world record for this course will be broken. Of the ten women who have ever rowed an ocean alone, only two have rowed the Pacific. Unlike the Atlantic, these waters are not tried and tested by many races. There are no engines or sails – instead, Elsa will rely on her own muscle to propel her boat 2400 miles to Hawaii.

As well as passing through a great white shark breeding area…the race will take Elsa just south of the ‘great Pacific garbage patch’, the most notorious example of concentrated plastic pollution in the world. Each generation has its challenge to face; environmental sustainability and climate change are ours. Elsa is supporting the Plastic Oceans Foundation, a charity that works to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans, and to combat the issue through a range of solutions and projects. Plastic pollution is a problem on many levels, detrimental to the environment, world economy, and human health, and Elsa is keen to raise awareness of this issue through her blog and updates during the row, as well as in schools on her return.

The row is a high-profile event, which presents a variety of opportunities for publicity and recognition in a range of media on both sides of the Atlantic. The race itself has international appeal – being organised from the UK, taking place across the US, with a wide field of international entrants. Elsa is already using a range of social media to promote her campaign, and she will be tweeting, posting and audio-blogging throughout the challenge (using Satellite connection when out on the Pacific).

Elsa’s Pacific Solo Row is now also open to sponsorship and donations in Bitcoin (http://elsahammond.com/donate). A high-value and publicly visible project like this could be a great way to raise awareness of Bitcoin. With the current media stories focusing on lost wallets and unsavoury commerce, the more positive Bitcoin-related stories in as wide-ranging fields as possible, the better.

Please get in contact with Elsa if you are interested in getting involved in this adventure and helping to raise the positive profile of Bitcoin.

To learn more please go to: http://elsahammond.com

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