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The Devcoin project now boasts a monthly news update service and a brand new Devcoin Auctions service where users can bid on netbooks, Bitcoin miners and more; winning these prizes for pennies. There is also an ongoing writing competition with more than 500,000 Devcoins in prize money, while the forum is filled with discussion about ways to build on past momentum and further improve the overall project. Because of its commitment to always support open source development, the Devcoin project is actively looking for even more open source projects to sponsor. Devcoin founder UnthinkingBit also gave an interview where he outlined Devcoin’s role in sponsoring open source work worldwide, 3D printing, space travel, a cryptocommunity hackerspace and more.

Devcoin Auctions has launched with a huge giveaway where the first members to sign up will receive 15 free bids to place on popular items such as netbooks and Bitcoin miners. There is a limited amount of bids to be given away, so this is on a first come first serve basis. There is also a 25% discount on bid packages for the first 30 days of launch and affiliate commissions are doubled for the first 30 days.

Devcoin Auctions will play a strong role in the Devcoin ecosystem, as founder sidhujag explained:

I wanted to create another example of a business like that provides a service which is aligned with the goals of Devcoin but in tune to financial results so that not only would it be self-sustaining, but giving people jobs as well as using profits to buy Devcoins at market, and then put the rest in the Devcoin Community Fund which will be used at a future time to fund other open-source projects that the community deems fit for its contribution…the Devcoin economy should improve drastically when the business becomes self-sufficient.

The Devcoin community used to hang out on a single thread on the well known Bitcoin Forum. But thanks to its explosive growth since Thanksgiving the community outgrew its single thread and now has a dedicated forum with over 1000 members and many threads dedicated to all things Devcoin. Coinzen has threads dedicated to Devtome technical support, allocating Devcoin bounties, and discussing all possible angles of the unique economics of the emerging Devcoin ecosystem as well as ways to build on and improve it.

The Devcoin project now has a monthly news update available online or by subscription. Each issue contains the latest news on various projects in development and links to the relevant forum threads. One such project includes a brand new Devcoin Auctions site which has just launched this month. Other open source projects which will be launched soon include a traffic exchange and a web based wallet service. The Devcoin project is always looking for more open source projects to sponsor.

With its steady release of new open source developments including Coinzen, Devcoin Auctions and a soon to be released traffic exchange and web wallet script, continual improvements to the Devtome and high caliber additions to the Devtome admin team, the Devcoin project continues to grow in a strong and sustainable way, and is poised to set the standard for cryptocurrency excellence.

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For the technically minded here are the Devcoin (DVC) protocol details:

  • Similar to Bitcoin, Devcoin uses the SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm
  • 10 minutes block target.
  • 50 000 DVC per block reward, to ensure there is no deflation this block reward never decreases. 5000 DVC goes to miners (who can merge mine DVC for free when they are mining Bitcoin), and 45 000 DVC goes to the open source developers and projects on the receiver files.

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