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Bitcoin and other emerging digital currencies are creating new opportunities for professionals seeking to sell their services online. Disruptive digital currencies are attractive to professionals, and those who use their services, because they eliminate middle men through whom payments are made. Currently sites such as Elance and Odesk take a slice of the pie when they match skilled individuals and those who need their expertise.

But now, Daniel Roseman has launched, an open marketplace where freelancers can sell their services for digital currency and – get this – he’s not going to take even the tiniest, wafer thin slice of anyone’s pie. “I’m not out to make a profit,” says the Irvine, California based entrepreneur. “All expenses are covered by donations from people who understand what we’re doing.”

So, what is Roseman doing? He’s eliminating barriers that impede the growth of digital currencies. “When Coinality’s competitors take a piece of the action they discourage people from switching to disruptive currencies. Conversely, we are encouraging people to use them by keeping our hands out of their wallets, whether the contracts are full-time jobs, or one-off gigs”

Coinality is the first such platform that encourages the use of all digital currencies, not just bitcoin. Roseman says, “It’s important to support the growth of all digital currencies. We encourage people to investigate what’s available and start switching over from fiat currencies to add to the liquidity and robustness of all of the coins”

The only ads you’ll see on Coinality are those placed by its users and it’s totally free to use. Roseman pledges, “Your registration information will never be sold to anyone.”

Roseman is looking for input from the hordes who are switching over to digital currencies. “I want to know what you want the site to be. I want to hear from developers, programmers, artists, MADmen, filmmakers, scientists, “says the Californian, adding, with a smile, “and I might even listen to a lawyer, or two, so long as they’re not billing me while they’re writing or speaking .

The captain of this enterprise is looking for feedback from anyone who backs his mission to make cyberspace a better place to work, “The wider the cross section of professionals we draw into disruptive digital currency the stronger disruptive digital currency will become and Coinality is ready to do its part.”

All aboard!

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