Important: CEX.IO are no longer offering Bitcoin cloud mining services.

The most adaptable and flexible Bitcoin cloud mining platform giving in-house Bitcoin mining hardware, an easy to understand interface for immediate buying or selling cloud mining hashing GH/s, and the capability to likewise mine Ixcoin, Namecoin and Devcoin is CEX.IO. CEX.IO clients are not bound by extensive cloud mining contracts, however can purchase or sell cloud mining GHS with either Bitcoin or Namecoin right away at whatever time through the revolutionary GH/s trading platform.

Cloud mining GHS acquired through CEX.IO start Bitcoin mining for the client straight away, and will pay out as long as the client holds them. At the end of the day, CEX.IO does not offer constrained time based bitcoin cloud mining contracts. Despite the fact that cloud mining GHS cost more on CEX.IO than on PB Mining, numerous clients consider that to be a little cost to pay for’s longstanding reputation in the Bitcoin mining ecosystem and its inconceivable adaptability. The trading platform strategy for acquiring cloud mining GHS likewise suits clients who enjoy day trading GH/s to increase their holdings.

Company Background: Bitcoin mining organization CEX.IO is a lawfully enlisted private company organization in the United Kingdom.  CEX.IO was established on November 1, 2013, and immediately settled itself as a trustworthy pioneer in the Bitcoin mining ecosystem. CEX.IO prides itself on its phenomenal security and client backing, and how its novel GH/s trading platform has made Bitcoin mining for everyone possible.

Value For Money: Customers searching for the least expensive Bitcoin mining rate will discover better rates on different sites, for example, on PB Mining. In any case, CEX.IO includes esteem by partaking in the biggest Bitcoin mining pool,, giving blended merged of Devcoin, Ixcoin and Namecoin, and giving the capability to specifically buy cloud mining GHS with Namecoin and additionally Bitcoin. Clients can apply all their mined Namecoins into acquiring all the more bitcoin mining power they require. The cloud mining GHS will work for the holder until he or she decides to sell them. At no time do the GH/s return once again to CEX.IO as is the situation with a restricted time Bitcoin mining contract. At last, CEX.IO makes its cloud mining GHS so fluid that they could be day traded for benefit. Customers need to comprehend that the general cost of GH/s diminishes as Bitcoin mining difficulty increases. CEX.IO likewise charges an upkeep expense (which changes with each bitcoin mining difficulty change) and this is presently 29.67% of mining profits. Taking these fees into account bitcoin cloud mining on CEX.IO is still much less expensive than on Cryptsy and – yet contrasted with PB Mining (which has no charges whatsoever), the fees do appear a bit high.

Customer Service: CEX.IO support ordinarily reacts to support tickets quickly inside business hours. The responses are professional and accommodating. In addition to answers from help tickets, CEX.IO has a far reaching FAQ section giving an exhaustive Bitcoin mining guide and solutions to common problems encountered by customers. Clients can likewise evaluate their potential bitcoin mining income from CEX.IO’s in built Bitcoin mining profitability calculator.

Payout Processing: CEX.IO instantly adds Bitcoin mining rewards to clients’ bitcoin wallet on the site as blocks are solved. Clients can withdraw their earnings from CEX.IO whenever is required with ease For client security, all withdrawals require 2fa or email confirmation. Withdrawal expenses are 0.001 BTC and the base withdrawal sum is 0.01 BTC.

Security: For additional client protection, all withdrawals need to be affirmed via email or 2fa. We exceptionally recommend all clients initiate 2fa to make their account impossible to hack.

Summary: For those trying to strictly profit from bitcoin cloud mining, there are less expensive approaches to getting bitcoin cloud mining GH/s. Where CEX.IO sparkles is in its strong reputation, unmatched flexibility, and boundless GHS ownership time. CEX.IO is suggested for fledglings who want to test out Bitcoin cloud mining and additionally for prepared traders who wish to benefit from day trading cloud mining GH/s. The organization has the most remarkable reputation of any Bitcoin cloud mining platform presently in operation. Even with the high fees, CEX.IO is cheaper than other trustworthy Bitcoin cloud mining suppliers like (and you get to keep the GH/s forever) – CEX.IO therefore also suits those looking to seriously cloud mine bitcoin with a trustworthy company.

Important: CEX.IO are no longer offering Bitcoin cloud mining services.