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CoinsLoot Launch World’s First Crypto Loot Boxes, with 10% Free Crypto, Prizes and Staking Rewards

Bitcoin Press Release: CoinsLoot is launching the world’s first crypto Loot Boxes with free crypto, big prizes, and native LOOT token rewards, with IEO running until 24/12/2020. 

15th December, 2020, Saint Vincent – CoinsLoot is a decentralized crypto platform offering a range of benefits for gamers, investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. For the first time ever, users can purchase Loot Boxes with ERC-20 tokens to reveal a secret selection of cryptocurrencies and huge prizes, like the Tesla model X. Anyone can buy the platform’s native LOOT token from the IEO and stake them to earn rewards on every Loot Box transaction. The boxes use a provably fair algorithm to guarantee safety and fair returns. 


Crypto Loot Boxes

The CoinsLoot cryptocurrency Loot Boxes offer the average crypto enthusiast a much easier way to own an instant crypto portfolio, and spend that portfolio on real life items and services. Each CoinsLoot crypto box has multiple cryptocurrencies inside, a no-loss guarantee, and up to 10% free cryptocurrency included.

The value of each Loot Box is determined by the value of the ERC-20 token used to open that box. But what if users buy a Bitcoin Loot Box and don’t like the prize inside? Well the CoinsLoot Box uses a spin mechanism that reveals the prize in the form of a card. If users get a prize that they don’t like they will get another spin and a chance at a different prize. 


CoinsLoot leading The Way

Loot boxes from leading mainstream gaming providers offer their users virtual items like skins, weapons, and various other mods, and with EA and Activision earning over a Billion dollars per quarter each, it’s easy to see the market potential. By comparison, CoinsLoot Boxes offer so much more, with spendable cryptocurrency, real world prizes and bonuses in each one. 

Aside from the benefit of getting a spendable currency from a Loot Box, the transparency, guaranteed returns and prizes offered by CoinsLoot’s provably fair algorithm set it aside from the main players. Given the reputation of some loot boxes on the market, perhaps this more transparent and trustworthy approach could offer a huge benefit to a market expected to break into the hundred billion mark in the coming years. 


Stake LOOT And Start Earning Today 

One of the most pivotal aspects of CoinsLoot is LOOT staking. Anyone can buy and stake LOOT tokens to earn a profit on every single transaction that occurs from opened Loot boxes. The more LOOT staked by a user, the higher returns they will see. And with 100% of the profit from the staking going to LOOT holders – What more could be offered? 

The total supply of CoinsLoot’s ERC-20 token is 100 million. The token supplied is reserved as follows: 

  • 70 million allocated to the IEO sales
  • 15 million for the team and founders
  • 10 million for influencers & advisors
  • 5 million for the bounty and airdrop


Any users who refer others will get a 10% commission from all referrals. To further grow the LOOT community and encourage investment, CoinsLoot will be giving anyone who spends $2,000 USD on LOOT an additional 10% in tokens. 

Right now the IEO is in the 2nd stage, which will end on December 24th, and is being held exclusively on the CoinCasso Exchange. 12 million LOOT is available for only $0.07 per token, with the full break down below:

  • Stage 1 – 02/12/20 – 11/12/20 – 11,000,000 LOOT at $0.06
  • Stage 2 – 14/12/20 – 23/12/20 – 12,000,000 LOOT at $0.07 
  • Stage 3 – 24/12/20 – 02/01/21 – 13,000,000 LOOT at $0.08
  • Stage 4 – 03/01/21 – 31/01/21 – 14,000,000 LOOT at $0.09 
  • Stage 5 – 01/02/21 – 28/02/21 – 15,000,000 LOOT at $0.10 


Join the IEO today and get involved in the future of LOOT boxes!


Learn more about CoinsLoot

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dCloud Storage Platform SINOVATE & Blockchain Marketing Agency Bitcoin PR Buzz Announce Partnership


14th December 2020, Turkey – dCloud storage platform SINOVATE and veteran crypto marketing agency Bitcoin PR Buzz announce a key partnership to highlight the increasing need for a more viable long-term dCloud data solution, and reinforce the importance of industry partnerships for the adoption of dCloud worldwide.


What is SINOVATE? 

SINOVATE (SIN) is open-source state of the art community-driven digital cryptocurrency, and 

decentralized cloud data storage platform. Voted ‘Most Exciting Data Protocol’ at HackerNoon Noonies 2020, SINOVATE has developed its in-house DIN technology with the aid of Incorruptible Data Storage (IDS) to bring the dCloud market a solution like nothing seen before. 


IDS is the SINOVATE decentralized private cloud network mechanism for sending, storing, and verifying encrypted data files. IDS uses the ‘MINI SIN’ Infinity Node Layer and blockchain architecture to process and store data. 


Realising the need to improve upon existing and inefficient models of masternode storage, SINOVATE have released their fully in-house designed and written masternode structure, DIN. DIN’s code has been designed to work in perfect harmony with IDS, which needs the nodes to store and transfer decentralized data. This means that the node is provably fair with its rewards, removing the potential for chain splits, as on-chain nodes Schnorr MuSig instead of dated BLS signatures.


SINOVATE’s DIN & IDS provide an impregnable foundation for countless other projects to build their solution on, offering superior security to anything seen before. Highly secure decentralized data storage and transfer equates for a massive use-case for any startup requiring fast, secure data storage: That is just about every company in today’s modern world. 


SIN coin rewards provide the two-pronged benefit of incentivising users to maintain nodes, stimulate healthy network growth and stability. The Proof of Burn feature mitigates against token dumping and counteracts the inflationary issues seen in similar projects, whilst having no limit to the number of nodes on the network addresses any questions about scalability. 


Bitcoin PR Buzz – Industry Recognised

Founded in 2012, Bitcoin PR Buzz is a leading crypto marketing agency and an early pioneer for Bitcoin mass adoption, helping to give a voice to some of the first disruptive projects in the crypto-sphere. The company works with emerging innovative projects, helping them to break-out into the global market by leveraging its strong, long-term partnerships with major blockchain, mainstream, and fintech media providers across the globe. 


In September 2020 Bitcoin PR Buzz helped Bridge.Link to sell out its 8 Million USD IEO in 6 hours, and In 2017 Bitcoin PR Buzz helped payment protection provider UTRUST to secure the $21 Million USD Hardcap target for its ICO. Other notable work includes a long-term relationship with blockchain heavyweight ARK, and a partnership spanning over 5 years with online gaming industry leader Coingaming. 


SINOVATE for Mass Adoption

Bitcoin PR Buzz has worked with over 850 companies across industries including blockchain, e-commerce, gambling, trading, pharmaceutical/medical, and gaming – but it is in its long-term industry partnerships that it sees the most value for blockchain mass adoption. 


The Bitcoin PR Buzz and SINOVATE partnership will create a launchpad to educate the market about the potentially groundbreaking Deterministic Infinity Node (DIN) technology, how it could completely revolutionize the data storage market, and reinforce the the importance of industry partnerships in order to achieve the mass adoption of blockchain technology.


SINOVATE Blockchain Developers 

SINOVATE’s rise in the dCloud Industry is largely thanks to its innovative blockchain developers

Xuantan Nguyen (Xtdev) and Giacomo Milligan. (Giaki3003/SINTOSHIS)


Xtdev is a highly experienced Big data and data mining specialist. He is also the innovator of Deterministic Infinity Nodes and one of the lead developers and Master SINOVATORS of SIN.


Giaki3003 is the second lead developer on SINOVATE team and fellow Master SINOVATOR. He is also a highly experienced blockchain core developer, as well as Innovator of the upcoming PoS4 custom proof-of-stake algorithm, and hybrid consensus. 


Together they make a uniquely experienced and highly skilled duo and creators of the technical evolution that is SINOVATE. 


Looking Ahead for SINOVATE

SINOVATE launched its innovative Deterministic Infinity Nodes (DIN) 1.0 via hard-fork on November 21st 2020, and already has an impressive 1450+ nodes running perfectly, with expectations to increase this to 5,000+ nodes by mid-2021. This next milestone is expected to coincide with the next big hard-fork BETELGEUSE, which will see many of the exciting IDS-based (dCloud, blockchain mail, SIN mobile messenger) solutions with launch in Q2, 2021. DIN’s code is likelyto become the reference point amongst masternode structured coins as the standard.


The first iteration of IDS-based solutions will include the potential functionality of “datastore” for file-saving on the DIN blockchain provided by bFTP protocol, the sending of mails on anonymous way with SIN Mobile messenger, and updates like the fourth generation of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) that will allow to add passive incomes alongside DIN and the HCO program.


For more information about SINOVATE, please visit

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After Lightning-Paced Tier-1 Sellout, ClinTex’s CTi Token Lists on KuCoin Today

Bitcoin Press Release: ClinTex is all set to fulfil its promise of reducing cost and time wastage in the medical trials industry, with its CTi token available for public trading on KuCoin on Wednesday.


30th November 2020, London, United Kingdom: Using the combination of blockchain, artificial intelligence and smart contracts, ClinTex is an innovative medical trial platform that will usher in an era of data sharing, analytics and management in pharmaceutical development that will revolutionize the current industry. The aim: Eliminate issues that cause time and resources to be wasted and remove duplication of efforts.


Sharing is Caring

The pharmaceuticals industry is lucrative – an innovative medicine that can tackle a disease is worth billions in sales. However, the industry is littered with high barriers to entry and unfathomable lead times for products. Compounding these problems are the tough trial stages before drugs are approved for use. To offset this huge cost, the pharma industry simply passes on the cost to the public, with the sick paying huge amounts of money for their health. And in ClinTex’s view, this is unacceptable.


ClinTex is leveraging blockchain technology to herald a new age in medical trial data sharing that is secure, efficient and open. Their Clinical Trials Intelligence (CTi) platform utilizes data analytics combined with blockchain technology to address the major inefficiencies in clinical trials. Through this, the estimated $350 billion spent yearly on new medication development can be significantly reduced.


The CTi Platform will also enable better collaboration across the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, there are almost 3,000 studies ongoing that are evaluating Covid-19 treatments and vaccines, but most are working in isolation. Using blockchain technology, CTi will finally provide a way for Big Pharma, small Biotech, academia and  independent researchers to collaborate and share key data, allowing for faster clinical trials and less clinical trial failures.. This will support ClinTex’s vision of facilitating the delivery of new medicines Faster, Safer and Cheaper.


CTi Listing

Powering the ClinTex’s mission of serving humanity is its CTi token. The firm originally had an IEO in the plans, but the immense interest by participants meant ClinTex was ready to go to market with CTi much quicker. Purchased at an incredible pace, the first round completely sold out and the second round also saw unprecedented demand. ClinTex decided not to run additional, unnecessary rounds of the sale.


CTi has just been listed on KuCoin today, Monday 30th November, 2020 and publicly tradable in 2 days on Wednesday 2nd December, 2020. KuCoin stands amongst the top ten crypto exchanges and its high volume of trading means the token will be in the reach of hundreds of thousands of investors and individuals who share the ClinTex dream. With over 30,000 new clinical trials registered every year, and over 250,000 clinical trials ongoing at any one time, the market potential for CTi is huge. This market opportunity, coupled with ClinTex’s innovative platform, is likely to drive  significant demand for the token in the short term, with longer term sustainable token growth being driven by the roll-out of the platform in 2021. 


Open, Yet Secure

ClinTex offers a seamless experience of sharing medical data, but respects intellectual property at the same time. A recent report by The Guardian revealed that state sponsored hackers are constantly attempting to hack into the servers of pharma companies engaged in COVID-19 vaccine development. This is the very reason ClinTex uses blockchain. Smart contracts assure the information is released to the only right party, leading to a trustless environment.


Expert Opinion

Combined, the ClinTex team has over 50 years of experience in the pharma industry, with vast connections in the clinical trial sector. ClinTex is also all set to roll out its working platform in 2021. With the platform launched next year, the true power of medical trials and blockchain will be unleashed, bringing pharmacists, doctors, researchers and others under one roof, working in cohesion to make medications easier to develop and cost effective for the world. One world, one mankind, a global health benefit.


Join the medical revolution and trade CTi today on KuCoin!


Connect with ClinTex on Telegram: 

Join ClinTex on Twitter: 

Check up what ClinTex is up to on Medium: 


About KuCoin

KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange for numerous digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Launched in September 2017, KuCoin has grown into one of the most popular crypto exchanges and already has over 5 million registered users across 207 countries and regions around the world. One out of every four crypto holders in the world is with KuCoin.


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Contact Name: Sean Flanagan

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ClinTex is the source of this content. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections.


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