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Bitcoin Trading and Exchanges:

Bter – One of the largest Chinese digital currency exchanges, which also allows English users, and the trading of many cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Primecoin, Worldcoin, Quark, Datacoin and many more currencies.

Cryptsy – Trade over 65 digital currencies for Bitcoin and Litecoin on the world’s largest digital currency exchange.

CEX.IO – Anyone worldwide can now easily purchase Bitcoin ASIC mining shares and generate a passive Bitcoin mining income without needing to buy, set up and configure a Bitcoin mining machine. The CEX.IO operation is highly professional: offering 24/7 customer support and a Bitcoin mining guarantee. In the rare event there is ever a problem with CEX.IO’s mining equipment in their datacenter, all affected customers will be reimbursed in Bitcoin for their mining losses.

Butter-Bot – The Butter-Bot Bitcoin trading robot supports automatic Bitcoin trading on MtGox, Bitstamp and BTC-e. The Bitcoin trading bot features an automated EMA based trading engine and a fully customizable trading strategy. Butter-Bot development is fast paced and the team plans on continuing to introduce unprecedented new features to the Bitcoin trading ecosystem.

Cryptotrader – is the first algorithmic trading platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the world. The service allows traders to backtest and automate their Bitcoin trading strategies on MtGox, BTC-e and BitStamp, via a flexible built-in scripting language based on CoffeeScript. For the trader’s convenience these trading strategies can be fully automated by utilizing Bitcoin trading robots running on their scalable VPS cloud. Users without programming skills can still use the platform to backtest Bitcoin trading strategies and implement these with Cryptotrader’s automated Bitcoin trading bot solutions.

BitKonan – Croatian based Bitcoin / USD exchange featuring a low flat trading fee of just 0.29%. CEO Sime Bakic encourages one and all, experienced and novice to “Trade Bitcoins like a pro.” Every aspect of BitKonan has been designed with the needs of day trader’s in mind; one of BitKonan’s co-owners has over a decade of experience trading on mainstream stock and commodity exchanges such as the CME. NYMEX and DAX. This experience has been turned to the task of delivering the best possible trading experience at BitKonan.

Vircurex – Exchange Platform Which Enables Individuals to Buy And Sell Bitcoin And Its Derivatives For USD, EUR And Many Other Internet Based Currencies

Koukan Exchange – Koukan Exchange is a fast, automated way for Bitcoiners to cash out into MoneyPaks and Paypal without the fear of chargebacks which are normally associated with Bitcoin to Paypal transactions. – Professional Bitcoin trading platform enabling traders to speculate on future Bitcoin price movements by going long or short. is the only Bitcoin trading platform in the world to accept Bitcoin only trading balances: there is no USD or fiat account required. Positions can be opened for varying lengths of time; from a few hours to days or even weeks for a small daily fee to keep the position open.

BTC Levels – The first dedicated Bitcoin binary options trading platform, enabling anyone worldwide to open long or short positions and speculate and potentially profit on volatile Bitcoin price movements.

Bitcoin Non-Profits:

Lifeboat Foundation – The Lifeboat Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI, as we move towards the Singularity. The Lifeboat Foundation’s Bitcoin endowment fund can be found at

BitGive Foundation – A charitable giving organization of the Bitcoin community, whose mission is to provide gifts to environmental and public health causes worldwide. While still in the early stages of raising funds, the Foundation says contributions to recipients will be conducted in a financially prudent manner for the purpose of long-term sustainability of the organization to deliver its mission.

Bitcoin Services:

Cheap Explainer Video – Cheap Explainer Video now accepts Bitcoin and offers a huge 20% discount to customers who pay with Bitcoin. Cheap Explainer Video specializes in creating short, highly engaging animations which succinctly present the features and benefits of a product.

Bitcoin Starter – A global, Crowdfunding platform that empowers individuals to receive Bitcoin funding for their ideas and projects. Anyone, anywhere, can create a project and submit it for Bitcoin funding. The site was created to help individuals and entrepreneurs achieve their project goals, large or small, in music, art, technology, publishing or any other wide range of interests through the direct support of Bitcoin pledgers. – The original and pre-eminent online Bitcoin wallet; praised by geeks and loved by Bitcoiners worldwide. also hosts fresh Bitcoin charts, currency statistics, and an easy to navigate Bitcoin Blockchain explorer.

myBitWorth – Innovative free Bitcoin portfolio management tool myBitWorth allows Bitcoin investors to easily track the value of their total Bitcoin investment over multiple Bitcoin addresses, Bitcoin exchanges and Bitcoin Securities platforms such as BitFunder, Havelock, CryptoStocks and Direct Shares.

Crypto Names – Crypto Names specializes in premium Bitcoin related web development. They offer premium domain names including Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Digital currency, future trends, and more! Have a Bitcoin domain name for sale? They also buy Bitcoin domain names! Or can help you sell yours for free.

Coin Pursuit – The website features tools to help investors understand how to keep track of their investments, including digital wallets for the storage and maintenance of their digital currency accounts. Links are also provided to resources such as the currencies themselves, cryptocurrency exchanges, mobile applications, and vendors who accept alternative currencies as payment for goods and services. The heart of Coin Pursuit is information. Since digital currency investors are also the owners, there’s a “we’re all in this together” attitude Coin Pursuit’s team plans to support and help flourish.

btcVacations – The first full service Bitcoin travel agency in the world. There are no additional fees or charges to book through btcVacations – customers pay the exact same price in Bitcoin as if they had booked direct. btcVacations is run by a team of experienced travel agents with several travel industry certifications. Drawing on their experience in the travel space, btcVacations has nearly one hundred global travel partners. – The world’s first Bitcoin social networking site featuring military grade encryption. Global Village is in the beta testing phase and the people at (no bullsh*t) say the site will boast military grade encryption for the security of their users’ data. Anyone worldwide can already log on and create an account in seconds; using the encrypted Global Village to create groups, post status updates and send encrypted messages within the social network.Only Global Village members who have an encryption key will be able to read users’ shared messages and the system will be built without a master key.

The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin – An activist’s effort to promote and explain Bitcoin to the everyday man and his dog. The book is squarely aimed at Bitcoin beginners; covering everything they need to know to get to grips with the fundamentally disruptive technology which is Bitcoin. The Idiot’s Guide to Bitcoin comes with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee and is currently available for the very reasonable price of 0.07 BTC or $7.77.

SYTECH – High profile UK based Digital Forensic Services Company SYTECH – (Systems Technology Consultants Ltd.) has the first stolen Bitcoin tracing service in the world and offers data recovery services to salvage coins from damaged hard drives, mobile phones and other storage mediums.

Bitmine AG – Conducting R&D to develop next generation Bitcoin mining ASICs and offers a housing plan for bitcoiners to house their ASIC miner in the Bitmine AG datacenter. A team of highly passionate and experienced professionals in IT and electronics Bitmine AG is operating under Swiss laws in the everyday growing market of Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies.

Coinality – An open marketplace where freelancers can sell their services for digital currency and employers can post jobs. Modelled on popular freelance platforms such as Elance and Odesk – but Coinality supports Bitcoin and does not take any fees!

Cheap Explainer Video – Cheap Explainer Video now accepts Bitcoin and offers a huge 20% discount to customers who pay with Bitcoin. Cheap Explainer Video specializes in creating short, highly engaging animations which succinctly present the features and benefits of a product.

Bitcoin Information:

ZeroBlock – The leader in mobile development for Bitcoin enthusiasts. ZeroBlock combines live Bitcoin exchange data with up to the minute breaking news and charts.

Bitcoin Warrior – Bitcoin News, education and strategy. “BitCoin Warrior, more than anything else, is an educational project. I have watched businesses or movements come into being and thought “that has potential” before turning back to my daily grind. Then, ten, five or even one year later I may have said to myself “if only I had acted.” Bitcoin strikes me as being another one of those moments.” Word.

The Bitcoin News – Professional Bitcoin news platform collating all of the latest breaking Bitcoin news worldwide. Developed and maintained by The Bitcoin Company.

BTC News – The Latest Bitcoin news worldwide brought to you by Brilliant Champions

Bitcoin World – Professional blog covering the latest Bitcoin news and developments. Lives by the motto “everything about the decentralized cryptocurrency”.

CoinBoard – A new way of graphically promoting anything cryptocurrency related and covering the latest crypto news and developments. Beautiful Pinterest interface with another UI available here.

BTCBible – Breaking Bitcoin news and also features a Bitcoin bloggregator displaying all the latest articles from all the main Bitcoin media outlets. .

Advertising For Bitcoin Businesses, Merchants and Projects:

Bitcoin PR Buzz – Bitcoin PR Buzz’s mission is simple: to aid in the diffusion and adoption of Bitcoin as the emergent decentralised currency of the 21st Century through offering massive Press Release services for Bitcoin ventures, geared at generating massive exposure for your unique Bitcoin project, business, or concept.

BitMedia.IO – London based Bitcoin advertising network BitMedia.IO was was co-founded by an experienced developer and a bitcoin enthusiast Matvey Dyadkov in 2014. BitMedia.IO was created to not only fill the need for a professional advertising service in the Bitcoin ecosystem, but also to expand the Bitcoin community and become its integral part. The project was made possible owing to a $100 000 investment made by the CEO of BitMedia.IO and a private angel investor. BitMedia.IO’s advertising engine has been coded from scratch and the team has extensive experience in working with Big-Data and High-Load technologies. They have applied their knowledge to build an unparalleled Bitcoin advertising network and continually optimize algorithms as much as possible.

Coin URL – The Google Adwords of Bitcoin. Buy hits to your website and text advertisements on a network serving over 1 000 000 hits per day for extraordinary value for your BTC.

The Bitcoin Catalog – The first print publication showcasing Bitcoin businesses, merchants and projects. Get your service in print and in front of thousands of Bitcoin enthusiasts today.

The Bitcoin List – The Bitcoin List strives to be the best repository for everything Bitcoin while maintaining a family-friendly status. If you know of a site that isn’t listed here, let us know and we’ll do our best to include it ASAP.

Anonymous Ads – Create Bitcoin cost-per-click advertisements with geotargeting, vertical targeting and more without even needing to create an account. Make sure to copy, paste and save the URLs for your campaigns and website advertising blocks in a word document so you can access them later!


Clearly Canadian – Clearly Canadian, established 1987, is one of North America’s leading signature food and beverage brands. Clearly Canadian is focused on producing and marketing high-quality Canadian made consumer goods.

SallyMetHarry – The UK based online jewellery store has a wide array of contemporary and classic crystal jewellery on offer to suit any occasion from evening glitz and glamour to day time chic. Most of the pieces are made from Austrian crystal or Swarvoski Elements. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are all available in exchange for Bitcoin.

Bitsumo – New Bitcoin proxy buying service which enables anyone worldwide to buy anything online with Bitcoin

All4BTC – Spend Bitcoin On Everything, Everywhere With All4BTC – Automatically Purchase From eBay, Amazon And Anywhere Else Online. Based in Berlin serving Bitcoiners worldwide.

CoinGig – As the Bitcoin equivalent of the online ecommerce giant CoinGig enables buyers and sellers across the globe to trade goods and services for Bitcoin. For the buyers peace of mind GoinGig has an integrated escrow system; the Bitcoin is not released to the seller until the buyer has received the goods. Comparable to eBay CoinGig provides a safe online shopping environment through its integrated feedback system; sellers receive a store badge for every successful transaction which is displayed on the product list alongside previous customer ratings.

BitMit – eBay for Bitcoin: where anyone can buy, sell and auction goods and services for Bitcoin. Turn bits and pieces laying around your house into Bitcoin, or pick up a bargain here with 1000’s of items for sale.

BitcoinCommodities – Bitcoincommodities allows anyone worldwide to diversify their investment capital into physical Casascius Bitcoins, gold bars, gold coins, silver bars, silver coins and more.

Surplus Traders – Surplus Traders is a World-Class “ON-LINE” wholesale distributor and clearing house for surplus electronic, computer and hi-tech parts and equipment. Proudly accepting Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Stickers –  High quality Bitcoin Stickers for merchant window shop fronts, pomotions and Bitcoin enthusiasts. Bitcoin stickers are made from high quality static cling vinyl for superior scratch resistance, fade resistance, tear resistance, water proofing and durability. Free shipping worldwide with any order. Show your customers you accept Bitcoins or use in your car – a fun way of expanding Bitcoin awareness.

3D Printing For Bitcoin – Grassroots 3D printing on demand service for Bitcoin only. You supply the design or vision and they 3D print and ship your request to you. 20% cheaper than elsewhere.

Digital Goods:

CD Key Hut – Online retailer specialising in Steam Games, Xbox Live codes and even CD Keys for Bitcoin. All their codes are sent out instantly after your payment has been confirmed.

Bitcoin Domain – Featuring a range of Bitcoin focussed domain names for sale and a Bitcoin news feed.

Web Hosting:

CrookServers – CrookServers provides enterprise level dedicated server hosting at competitive prices and is accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Totally reliable, and in complete control, CrookServers makes its premium performance available to Bitcoiners in every corner of the world.

Microtronix Hosting – Microtronix Was The First Web Hosting Company to Accept Bitcoin Payments and Also Offers Highly Secure Cloud Based Bitcoin Wallets For Only $5 Per Month

Bitcoin Crowdfunding:

Crypto::Stocks – Cryptostocks brings together cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and the individuals who want to support them with Bitcoins, Litecoins or Devcoins. Cryptostocks is the first investment platform supporting equity as well as debt based investment in multiple online currencies: Bitcoins, Litecoins and Devcoins. Trading features available to investors include dividend payments to shareholders, bond buy backs, share trade-ins and trade-stops.

Bitcoin Projects:

Brian Salmi – Author seeking Bitcoin funding for his controversial screenplay Kill All The Lawyers.

Get Free Bitcoins:

Coin URL – Get easy, free Bitcoin when you share links with Coin URL.

Coin AD – Free Bitcoins every hour.

Bitcoin World Bitcoin Faucet – Get free Bitcoins from the Bitcoin World Bitcoin faucet.

DevCoin Tome – Earn DevCoins, an ethical cryptocurrency where 90% of the coins generated goes to creatives, developers and projects, by writing original content for the DevCoin Tome.

Alternative Digital Currencies:

Devcoin – In 2011 the unique digital currency Devcoin was launched; an ethically inspired open source project based on the Bitcoin protocol, with the unique mission of funding open source projects created by programmers, hardware developers, writers, musicians, painters, graphic artists and filmmakers worldwide. When the market cap of Devcoin reaches a certain point, a significant reward will be offered for the development of an open source spacecraft. Devcoin is one of the longest running blockchain based digital currencies, which means the currency’s network itself is well established and has proven itself to be robust and reliable. The main difference between Devcoin and Bitcoin is that Devcoin is merge mined with Bitcoin; Bitcoin miners can mine Devcoin and Bitcoin simultaneously, essentially earning “free coins” for supporting the Devcoin network.

CryptoGenic Bullion (CGB) – In June 2013 Cryptogenic Bullion (CGB) was launched: a decentralized, peer 2 peer, blockchain based currency morphed from the Bitcoin protocol. The number of professional online services incorporating Cryptogenic Bullion is growing at a rapid rate and the currency is currently trading for approximately 500 CGB per 1 BTC. A fork of the virtual currency Novacoin, Cryptogenic Bullion is designed to be a rare, interest bearing, peer-to-peer virtual commodity with the same decentralised characteristics of Bitcoin but with some key differences. Cryptogenic Bullion’s innovations include an accelerated decrease of the mining subsidy, almost immediate transaction time and 2% annual interest eligible for Bullion that has been stationary in a user’s wallet for at least 30 days. Cryptogenic Bullion has been well received in the digital currency ecosystem. The official Facebook page has over 4,500 fans, and the official CGB website has been translated into Dutch and Chinese.

FastCoin – Has the fastest transaction speeds of any digital currency currently in existence. Compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minute block times the FastCoin network has just a 12 second target block time with transactions fully confirming in 48 seconds. Based on the same fundamentals as the Bitcoin protocol FastCoin is a blockchain based, decentralized, peer 2 peer worldwide digital currency with no central issuing authority. FastCoin has seen a rapid rate of adoption, with the coin’s market cap briefly reaching $250 000 USD in early August, and the official website seeing constantly increasing traffic and serving thousands of unique hits every month.

NXT – Second generation digital currency NXT possesses a 100% original code base, eliminates transaction confirmation wait times, utilizes 100% green (or low energy) mining, decentralizes trading, and enables the creation of smart property via “colored” coins.

SXC – Bitcoin alternative SXC was launched in May; giving individuals the most discreet payment option for transactions between merchants who offer adult fare, and discerning consumers who demand discretion. SXC, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users, has partnered with, a merchant payment gateway that supports automatic invoicing, making it easy for anyone worldwide to accept SXC on their sites. SXC can be traded for LTC on popular digital currency exchanges and CoinEX.

Franko – In May 2013 new digital currency Franko (FRK) was announced on the Bitcointalk forum; an open source blockchain based digital cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin protocol – designed to be fairer, faster and rarer than Bitcoin. The Franko protocol has a blockchain speed of just 30 seconds – ten times faster than Bitcoin. Franko has over 15 merchants accepting it as a payment method, and the currency is currently traded for Bitcoin on digital currency exchanges and Coins-E.

Quark (QRK) – The Quark protocol has a blockchain speed of just 30 seconds with a high per block reward. Transactions take only three minutes to confirm. It is also geared towards CPU mining, making it accessible for anyone with a computer to mine. Quark currently has over 20 merchants accepting it as a payment method, and the currency is traded for Bitcoin on digital currency exchanges Cryptsy, Coins-E, and Bter.

DigitalCoin (DGC) – A decentralized, peer 2 peer, blockchain based digital currency inspired by the Bitcoin protocol. The DigitalCoin project is geared for success and has key infrastructure in place; there is a paper wallet generator, android wallet, and applications for Mac, Windows, Linux. Over 15 online merchants and services currently accept DGC and this number is ever-increasing. The digital currency is currently traded on Cryptsy, Vircurex and CryptoTrade.

Bitcoin Gaming:

777Coin – Provably fair online Bitcoin Casino platform offering a range of 100% original proprietary in house Bitcoin games. The online Bitcoin casino is unique in that the games have been developed in-house exclusively for 777Coin – having never been seen elsewhere. Leveraging the unique qualities of Bitcoin anyone worldwide can place wagers in Bitcoin and withdraw their winnings to their Bitcoin wallet with ease. Due to the unique games on offer, provably fair technology, generous affiliate program, and the professionalism of the platform 777Coin has been steadily rising in popularity month after month since its launch.

PrimeDice – Bitcoin dice gaming platform which operates “off the blockchain” for instant betting. PrimeDice has experienced phenomenal growth since launch – with over 100,000 Bitcoin having been wagered since May 2013. At current exchange rates this equates to over $15 Million USD of turnover for the online Bitcon casino over this three month period.

Bitcoin Live Bets – World’s first Bitcoin gaming platform enabling live Bitcoin sports betting for punters across the globe on Soccer, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Darts, Ice Hockey, Handball, Tennis, Volleyball, Aussie Rules and Rugby Union. Serving punters worldwide the Bitcoin Live Bets website can be accessed in French, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Italian and Czech. Depending on the players’ preferences betting odds can be displayed in the European Decimal, American, English, Hong Kong, Malaysian or Indonesian format.

Casino – features 100% home-grown proprietary games, cutting edge provably fair technology, and a totally free to enter NFL Survivor Pool where the winner will take down 5 Bitcoin, no strings attached! With its wide variety of games including blackjack, baccarat and sports betting and its HTML5 mobile-friendly platform is most definitely online Bitcoin gaming at its finest.

AnoniBet – AnoniBet is an online sports betting operator dedicated to offering an anonymous betting experience to punters worldwide. Only an email address is required to start placing bets and AnoniBet has been accepting bets with Bitcoins since December 2011 – serving thousands of customers over the last two years.

Bit777 – Developed and maintained by UltraPlay Ltd, Bit777 is the World’s largest Bitcoin casino website by number of players and traffic: offering over 50 different games.

BetCoin ™ – Welcome to BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network – your one-stop Bitcoin entertainment portal, boasting a high definition, fully-featured online Bitcoin Casino, BetCoin ™ Dice, and BetCoin ™ Circle, and utilizing Bitcoin to achieve the highest gaming and transaction security, and providing such advantages as the highest instant bitcoin payouts in the world, highest accepted bets and low house interest. Payouts are nearly instant with negligible transaction fees. Gamblers across the globe highly appreciate the unrivaled anonymity, transparency, and efficiency that BetCoin ™ has to offer. Take advantage of our tax-free $1 million payouts on a single $15 bet, and $10,000 monthly prizes! Win up to several thousand Bitcoins in a single game, instantly becoming a millionaire!

BetCoin™ Dice – A high payout online Bitcoin dice game platform – the equivalent in Bitcoin of up to $1 Million USD can be won from a $15 wager. Rapidly cannibalizing SatoshiDice market share as can be seen on

Betcoin ™ Circle – Highly secure gaming – no account or password needed – nothing to be compromised, suitable even for the million-dollar-grade high payouts offered. Payouts are highly secure and nearly instant with negligible transaction fees, regardless of the amount. Bets are provably trustworthy by design. Chances that the software is rigged are completely eliminated.

Betcoin ™ Casino – A full high-definition Bitcoin gaming suite that has no analogies in the Bitcoin industry. Provably fair and the largest Bitcoin payouts in the ecosystem. Games include many Bitcoin card games, poker machines, roulette, slots and more; with more games being added all the time.

Bitoomba – Ireland based Bitoomba is a provably fair Bitcoin gaming platform offering Bitcoin roulette and a range of in house developed Bitcoin slots. Sportsbook, Lottery and Blackjack coming soon!

FairProof – Provably fair Bitcoin gambling platform which is donating 10% of all profits to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Peerbet – Peerbet’s raffles have zero house edge and the platform is provably fair, committed to the privacy of its users and imposes no upper or lower limits on the wagers Bitcoiners can place.

Bitcoin Video Casino – Bitcoin Video Casino is an online gaming platform that was released in December 2012. The flagship website supports Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Keno, Dice and Slots. Over 11 million games have been played on the site by users. Utilizing the unprecedented aspects of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Video Casino requires no registration, nor does it collect any data on player identities. All games are provably fair, meaning that it is mathematically impossible for the site to manipulate the shuffle of any games. All games feature an expected return of at least 99.5% and have large progressive jackpots.

Bitmarkers – Bringing Bitcoin gambling to real world casinos in Las Vegas and other global destinations. With Bitmarkers, anyone from around the world can fly to Las Vegas, book hotel rooms, and play in participating casinos on the strip using Bitcoin.