Franko (FRK), the fair, rare and fast digital currency, has risen in value by another 500%, right after last week’s 500% increase in value. As of the time of writing, one FRK is now worth over six dollars in Bitcoin equivalent. Merchant adoption rates of Franko are also soaring, with E Pawn, a nine-store chain in Atlanta, recently announcing they are accepting payment in Franko. Merchant adoption is set to further increase as has just integrated Franko support into its popular crypto payment gateway and invoicing solutions for merchants.

Thanksgiving week saw an incredible rise in value of many digital currencies. Franko’s rise stands out after seeing five-fold gains for two weeks in a row. Franko can be traded on Cryptsy and Coins-E, and Franko trading will also be included in the soon to be launched Copia Market.

CoinPayments, the crypto payment gateway which has fueled merchant adoption of many digital currencies has just announced Franko support to its growing list of supported currencies. Online merchants wishing to accept Franko as a payment method can now easily issue invoices in Franko and accept FRK through Coinpayments’ solutions. CoinPayments allows merchant invoicing as well as instant Franko payments through their merchant payment gateway solutions.

E Pawn is the largest chain of pawn shops in Atlanta; with a great selection of items for people to buy at bargain prices. In a world first it is the first bricks and mortar store on the planet to accept payment in Franko. has also just announced it is now selling Franko for cash.
With both value and merchant adoption rates soaring (including the bricks and mortar variety) Franko is poised to be a winner in the currently exploding digital currency space. Even more importantly, behind Franko is a solid, healthy and growing ecosystem. This bodes well for the longevity and continued value of the increasingly popular digital currency.

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Name: Christopher Franko

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For the technically minded here are the Franko (FRK) protocol details:

  • Similar to Litecoin, Franko utilizes a Scrypt based cryptographic algorithm for proof of work.
  • 30 second block target.
  • Mining difficulty re targets 4 times per day.
  • 0.25 FRK per block reward, halves every 22 million blocks.; approximately every 44 years. Halving the block reward, combined with Franko’s low block reward to begin with, ensures FRK is scarce, retaining and improving in value.
  • Only 11,235,813 Franko will be minted in total.

This Press Release is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Please consult with your financial advisor before investing in FRK or any other digital currency.