Bitcoin PR Buzz’s Mission is to Aid in The Adoption of Bitcoin and The Blockchain as The Most Fundamentally Disruptive Technology Since The Emergence of The Internet Itself

Welcome to Bitcoin PR Buzz Your Extended PR Team!

As blockchain enthusiasts from the start, we have over 7 years’ experience in Bitcoin marketing specifically, making us the oldest PR agency and newswire on the market working exclusively with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects!

Cast your mind back… Bitcoin hit $8, and we were excited! Imagine a brand new technology, set to revolutionise business as we know it, and we got to experience it first-hand. We read everything we could, got engaged in BitcoinTalk, started to help new projects out and wrote about everything we could possibly write about; what is a blockchain? How does the X11 algorithm work?

Hundreds of new altcoins emerged, and we wanted to examine the differences, and help to excel this brand new wonderful industry that we were sure would not only revolutionize payments but also cause a paradigm shift in the financial markets. But we soon noticed a problem; cryptocurrency companies could not get their much needed PR out. Mainstream agencies did not understand the technology and thus could not write about it l, and some were even scared to promote Bitcoin projects.

Right before Feathercoin entered the market and just as Litecoin gained popularity we made a decision. This was our calling, we could make a real difference by uniting cryptocurrency news sites and bridging the gap with the mainstream news sector. See our partners and distribution network here.

7 years later we still believe this unprecedented decentralized currency is the future. Bitcoin PR Buzz believes we are witnessing the birth of a highly disruptive technology which will have the same degree of social, cultural and technological impact as the emergence of the internet itself.

Bitcoin PR Buzz’s mission is simple: to aid in the diffusion and adoption of Bitcoin as the emergent decentralized currency of the 21st Century through offering all-encompassing Press Release services for Bitcoin ventures, geared at generating massive exposure for your unique cryptocurrency project, business, or concept.

So here we are now, over 1000 press releases later. By leveraging our unique expertise, partnerships and experience we bring you the most refined, effective, and value for money Bitcoin marketing and Bitcoin press release service to be found. But we do not stop at just offering first class packages, we want to be an extension of your team. Bitcoin PR Buzz guarantees the personal service that is crucial in a successful marketing campaign by offering you your very own London-based Account Manager. He can help you plan out a long-term PR strategy, schedule your announcements, offer consultations and be with you and your team during your campaign and beyond, making sure that your needs are met along the way.Take a look at the Bitcoin Press Release services we offer for Bitcoin ventures or check out our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about Bitcoin PR Buzz.

Yes, as well as Bitcoin we proudly accept Ethereum, ARK, Breakout Coin, Litecoin, and NXT for any and all Press Release, promotion and marketing services offered. If you would like to pay in another cryptocurrency please feel free to ask.

Congratulations to the release of your very own cryptocurrency! We do occasionally accept deals in new tokens, please feel free to make a request in your inquiry.

We do represent gambling operations however, we only accept Bitcoin casino websites which are a product of a legally registered company. It does not matter which country your company is registered in as long as your operation is legal in that jurisdiction and a professional, registered company or business is backing your operation.

1.) The Bitcoin ecosystem needs more professional services that accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

2.) We believe Bitcoin is an emerging fundamentally disruptive technology which has the potential to revolutionize society, culture, and finance to the same degree as the creation of the Internet itself.

3.) We are passionate about Bitcoin and genuinely enjoy blasting the word out into the mainstream about innovative and exciting Bitcoin endeavors.

Unlike most online services, we don’t just take on any client. We prefer to work with innovative Bitcoin or cryptocurrency projects, businesses and merchants. However, please do contact us if you are involved in something a little different as we know that all blockchain projects are not created equal.

Existing businesses who are now accepting Bitcoin payments are definitely accepted, please contact us for specialized services such as getting your name out in the Bitcoin community and beyond.

We are a team with mixed talents and you will find Blockchain entrepreneurs, masters in International Business, relevant degrees with honors, Internet Security experts and passionate employees with over ten year’s experience in online marketing, professional writing and PR.

Guarantees are offered depending on which service you order, for more information check out our services page.

We are based in Belize City. We are aiming to move our company to central Europe in mid 2019.