The Original Bitcoin Press Release Service. Bitcoin PR Buzz’s Mission is to Aid in The Adoption of Bitcoin and The Blockchain as The Most Fundamentally Disruptive Technology Since The Emergence of The Internet Itself

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Welcome to Bitcoin PR Buzz

Founded during Bitcoin’s infancy by original Bitcoin enthusiasts, Bitcoin PR Buzz has over 9 years’ experience in Bitcoin PR and crypto PR distribution. We are the original Bitcoin PR agency, and the oldest crypto newswire in the blockchain sector.

Bitcoin PR Buzz’s mission is simple: to aid in the adoption of Bitcoin and the blockchain as the most fundamentally disruptive technology since the emergence of the Internet itself, by offering hand crafted Bitcoin Press Release services, geared at generating massive exposure for your unique cryptocurrency project, business, or concept.

We are passionate about Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and we genuinely want to get the word out about you.

Leveraging our unique expertise, partnerships, and experience, we provide the most refined, effective, and value for money Bitcoin press release service to be found. 

Bitcoin PR Buzz believes we are witnessing the birth of a highly disruptive technology which will have the same degree of social, cultural and technological impact as the emergence of the internet itself.

Join the ranks of over 1000s that have come before you, and let us make your company a part of that journey.

To get started today please email [email protected], or fill in the webform here.

As the original Bitcoin PR service with over 800 previous clients, Bitcoin PR Buzz has been serving up delicious PR for the blockchain ecosystem for over 9 years.

We are a diverse team. We have Masters in International Business, Blockchain entrepreneurs, multiple relevant degrees with honors, Internet Security experts, and passionate employees with over eight year’s experience specifically in Bitcoin PR, online marketing, and copywriting on our crew. 

Yes, as well as Bitcoin we accept Ethereum and many other blockchain assets for our Bitcoin Press Release services. If you would like to pay in another cryptocurrency please feel free to ask.

We do occasionally accept payment in tokens. Please feel free to ask.

We only accept Bitcoin casino websites which are a product of a legally registered company. It does not matter which country your company is registered in, as long as your operation is regulated and legal.

Unlike most online services, we do not just take on any client. We prefer to work with innovative Bitcoin or blockchain projects, businesses and merchants. However, please do contact us if you are involved in something a little different and looking for PR.

Existing businesses who are now accepting Bitcoin payments are definitely accepted, please contact us for specialized services such as getting your name out in the Bitcoin community and beyond.

Yes, guarantees are offered with all our services. We have been in business for so long because we always do the right thing by our clients. For more information please check our services page.

The Company resides in London, England. 

42 – Bitcoins that is!

You can learn a lot more about us on our Bitcoin PR Services page.

You can also email us today at [email protected] and your personal Account Manager will be in touch ASAP.

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