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Breakout Gaming, The BRK Cryptocurrency Based Gaming Services Adds New Board Members

Bitcoin Press Release: Breakout Gaming, the Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency gaming platform has announced the appointment of Board of Directors following the successful launch of its initial gaming properties. July 23, 2016 San Jose, Costa Rica – Following the successful launch of BreakoutPvP eSports and Breakout Poker platforms, the Breakout Group of companies has strengthened its management by appointing the Board of Directors before the conclusion of the ongoing Breakout Coin ICO. The new directors will be heading the Breakout Gaming group, which includes Breakout Blockchain Development Company, Breakout Services Limited and Breakout Playa Limited, all based out of Costa Rica. The impressive list with some of the well-known names from the industry like Randy Kim, Gian Perroni, James Stroud, Paul Kim and Michael Woo. Randy Kim Randy Kim, the Chairman of Breakout Group has over 25 years of experience in the card games and casino management which he now brings to the digital format. He has previously served held executive level positions in Commerce Casino, Hollywood Park Casino and the Bicycle Casino. As the Chairman of the Board at Breakout Group of Companies, Randy will be personally handling relationships with professional player representatives supporting the company. Gian Perroni While Randy brings the old school methods to the table, Gian Perroni with over 19 years of experience in the iGaming industry will be lending his expertise in player acquisition, conversion and retention marketing to Breakout Gaming and its sister companies. He has previously provided gaming management and marketing services to various online as well as offline gaming properties across the world. Gian will be the driving the company’s rewards program. James... read more

Breakout Gaming Adds BreakoutPvP eSports Site to Its Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Bitcoin Press Release: Breakout Gaming has announced the launch of its BreakoutPvP eSports platform as part of its cryptocurrency based gaming ecosystem built around the world’s first ‘multicurrency’ Breakout Coin. July 19, 2016, San Jose, Costa Rica – Breakout Gaming has expanded its Breakout Coin (BRK) cryptocurrency distribution model by launching BreakoutPvP eSports platform for pro-gamers and gaming enthusiasts. BreakoutPvP is a peer to peer platform where gamers can participate in PC video game contests. Both casual gamers and those who love to play for a wager can enjoy playing against their peers on BreakoutPvP. Breakout Coin is among the very few cryptocurrencies that focuses on active participation of the community instead of just hosting it on cryptocurrency exchanges for trading. The business model of Breakout Coin revolves around the program that gives out about 7 million BRK to businesses willing to accept it for their products. Breakout Gaming and the launch of its BreakoutPvP presents an attractive use-case for BRK beyond trading over exchanges. BreakoutPvP has Breakout Rewards program built-in where the platform members can generate Breakout Rewards Points and later redeem it for games, tournament event entries, special events, apparel, merchandise and even BRK. In addition to BreakoutPvP, Breakout Gaming will also include numerous other gaming verticals including eSports, Poker, Casino and a game store as part of its offerings. Breakout Gaming will be giving away BRK through free tournaments, poker contests, eSports and fantasy games. Individuals also get BRK for referring others to any of the Breakout Gaming platforms, promoting BRK and Breakout Gaming on their social media channels and through Breakout Gaming’s network of professional... read more

Ether.Camp Announces $50,000 Contest to Build the next Killer Blockchain-Based Application

Press Release: The popular Ethereum blockchain explorer and smart contract analysis tool <ether.camp> invites developers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to participate in their upcoming hackathon. July 19, 2016, Toronto, Canada — <ether.camp> has announced the launch of its second annual hackathon. The popular Ethereum block explorer and smart contacts analysis tool provider invites everyone with the next revolutionary app idea to participate in the hackathon and make it a reality. Participants in the <ether.camp> hackathon will receive the required tools and resources to turn their revolutionary cryptocurrency app idea into reality. After hosting the successful first edition of the event, the winner and runner-ups in this year’s edition can expect maximum exposure and recognition in the cryptocurrency industry. In addition, winners of this year’s hackathon will be receiving a $50,000 reward in the cryptocurrency of their preference. <ether.camp> hackathon is open for anyone with innovative and disruptive ideas for Ethereum based applications. Those interested in taking part in this contest can register either as a developer or a fan at hack.ether.camp beginning today on July 19, 2016, at 10 AM Eastern Time (US). Further details about the contest along with the deadlines will be announced soon. <ether.camp> describes the upcoming hackathon event as, “The only virtual hackathon where you can take your idea and build a startup company.” Currently <ether.camp> lists 13 prominent personalities from the Bitcoin and Ethereum community as judges on the contest panel. The contest will include a code marathon, powered by an innovative and easy to use competition platform. The participants will get to use modern Ethereum development tools to transform their app idea to a... read more

Drachmae Travel Introduces Blockchain Travel Competition and Investment Tool for Globetrotters

Bitcoin Press Release: Drachmae Club announces the Bitcoin, Altcoin and Blockchain competition for travelers where 10 winners will receive the membership to its exclusive DClub along with Drachmae Tokens. July 18, 2016 London, UK – Drachmae Travel Club, an exclusive blockchain travel portal is conducting a competition for travelers. The ‘Bitcoin Altcoin and Blockchain Competition’ requires participating travelers to record the travel details and expenses incurred during their trips in the last year. The winners will be judged by the platform based on their travel, spending, reasons for travel and the currencies used during the course of their trip. Drachmae Travel Club offers an exclusive travel club ecosystem, open only for 10000 members. The members are offered access to a single point platform from where they can plan and book their whole trip along with specialized services to make it a much pleasurable experience. Members can pay for all the services using Drachmae Club’s own DT crypto-tokens or any other digital and fiat payment methods of their choice. The company’s Bitcoin, Altcoin and Blockchain Competition is designed by Drachmae Travel Club with the goal of understanding the role of travel in the current digital world and the costs associated with such business and pleasure trips. The platform will consider the total travel costs incurred by participants in the year 2015 and the breakdown of costs into digital currency and fiat payments along with the nature of the trip (whether it was on business or to attend an event or a personal trip etc.). Drachmae is interested in understanding the Bitcoin usage trend among the participants and compare the benefits... read more

Record Breaking BetKing.io Player Wins a Massive 250 Bitcoin Payout

Bitcoin Press Release: A Bitcoin gambling high-roller placing huge bets while employing a unique gambling strategy on BetKing.io has won a record payout of 250 Bitcoin, the highest so far on the platform. July 15, 2016 London – The popular Bitcoin casino BetKing is happy to announce that one of its players has won a huge record payout of 250 Bitcoins which has a current market value of approximately $165,000. The winner who goes by the name TRK_L8_UH-btches, is a regular high roller on BetKing and a well-known player in the Bitcoin casino circles, won the record amount on June 23 in a single dice roll. BetKing is known for huge payouts and this particular high stakes player, with his unique betting strategy made use of his skills and the platforms high payout rates to score a huge sum. His unique strategy included placing a lot of large bets ranging from anywhere between 25 to 100 Bitcoin until he placed the largest bet of 250 Bitcoin to win the massive payout. Previously known as Pocket Rockets Casino, BetKing is the largest crowdfunded Bitcoin casino with an operating history of almost 3 years. The platform has an impressive track record for large payouts. In the last year alone BetKing gave out over 35000 Bitcoin to winners on the platform. Until last month, the record for highest single payout stood at 200 Bitcoin. BetKing congratulates TRK_L8_UH-btches for winning the record payout. Those interested in trying their luck out on a wide range of Bitcoin casino games can do so on BetKing.io. About BetKing BetKing is one of the oldest and most... read more

Breakout Gaming Launches New ‘Player vs. Player’ Platform Following Its Cryptocurrency Crowdsale

Bitcoin Press Release: Breakout gaming, the first gaming platform to have its own ‘multicurrency’ has announced the addition of new game sites to expand its portfolio starting with a ‘Player vs. Player’ platform launching today, July 15. July 15, 2016 Costa Rica – Breakout Gaming, the online gaming entertainment company offering poker, sports wagering, casino games, fantasy sports and other gaming options will soon be launching two new platforms powered by the company’s own Breakout Coin. The launch of Breakout PVP and its upcoming ‘Breakout Game Store’ follows the recent launch of its successful online poker games and tournaments site – Breakout Poker. The Breakout PVP platform is the latest eSports website which will be opened for the public today, Friday July 15. Players on Breakout PVP will be invited to participate in player vs player contests and tournaments on many of the most popular games, starting with CS:GO, and expanding to include titles like Dota2, Minecraft, League of Legends, and more. While these games can be played for free, those players in legal-to-play jurisdictions can also win real money by wagering Breakout Coin (BRK) or other international fiat currencies. The addition of eSports into the company’s portfolio will allow Breakout Gaming to tap into the rising community of eSports enthusiasts and hardcore gamers across many countries in the world where eSports competitions are common and considered as skill gaming. “We’re enthusiastic about adding eSports to our gaming portfolio,” announced Gian Perroni, Director of Breakout Gaming. “It is a great fit with our current poker site and fits well with our pending sportsbook and fantasy sports products coming this... read more

Cryptocurrency Powered dAPP and Smart Contract Provider the Expanse™ Project [EXP] Launches New Revolutionary Platform, Borderless.Tech™

Bitcoin Press Release: After experiencing massive growth and record high trading numbers on popular exchanges such as Poloniex. The Expanse Project, a blockchain based dAPP and smart contract provider, is now launching its revolutionary new decentralized governance service platform, Borderless.Tech July 14, 2016 WASHINGTON, NC. – The Expanse Project, released a proof of concept version of its revolutionary decentralized governance services platform, Borderless.Tech. Borderless.tech is a coalition of globally accessible governance services forged out of smart contracts housed on the Expanse blockchain. The brainchild of founder Christopher Franko, Lead Developer, community-managed Expanse runs on a decentralized application platform designed to allow more efficient mining and enabling dApp developers to create more powerful applications and innovations such as Borderless.Tech. “You can think of Borderless.Tech as a decentralized, global political system without borders,” Franko continued, “Services such as citizenship, identity, notary, marriage, and more are easily able to adapt to specific needs of various groups that are choosing their own ways to be free.” Why is Borderless Better? The Borderless.Tech governance platform is designed to substantially lower the operational costs required to maintain borders as they exist today. Removing the artificial lines that separate societies allows for a smarter allocation of scarce resources, while at the same time introduces competition into the age-old governance monopolies. This software will disrupt the very way we, as a civilization, understand citizenship and what it means to be connected. “When coupled with the power and flexibility Expanse provides, Borderless.Tech provides a stable foundation that the future can be built upon,” Said James Clayton, Expanse Community Manager. “By letting go of those restrictive imaginary lines, (borders), we become global citizens and a new type of identity emerges, which will allow all members... read more

Changelly Adds Lisk to Its Instant Exchange Service

Bitcoin Press Release: The popular cryptocurrency exchange service Changelly has included Lisk to its supported cryptocurrencies. The brand new digital currency is now available to be traded instantly at the best rate. Changelly also implements Lisk in its exchange API and widgets that could be useful for businesses worldwide. July 14, 2016 Prague, Czech Republic – The fast growing cryptocurrency exchange service, Changelly strives to stay on top of current trends and bring them to their customers through a clear and user-friendly interface. Changelly is now one of the early supporters of Lisk, a next-gen cryptocurrency which aims to resolve the problem of blockchain scalability. Lisk can now be exchanged instantly on Changelly.com at the best rate on the market. Changelly holds an extensive range of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and the very popular newcomer Ethereum. The user-friendly platform allows non-tech-savvy users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks. Changelly is connected to the largest cryptocurrency exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex to suggest the best rate at any given moment. Changelly offers smart pay¬in API for businesses allowing them to accept Lisk and other altcoins from their customers and convert them into Bitcoin instantly. This option is crucial for digital wallets, merchants, crypto casinos, cloud mining providers and other services. According to the businesses currently using Changelly, up to 40% of their turnover comes from altcoin payments. Changelly provides an exchange widget allowing crypto news publishers, blockchain explorers and coin market analysts to buy one cryptocurrency for another in order to monetize their audience. An exchange widget has the potential to provide much more profit on a... read more

34 Bytes Announces New Bitcoin POS Terminal, Offers Merchants a Chance to Win a Free Fully Functioning Unit

Bitcoin Press Release: The new fully functional Bitcoin point-of-sale (POS) terminals by Los Angles based 34 Bytes, LLC has entered the beta testing phase. Merchants taking part in the beta launch will get to use the POS terminal for free. July 14, 2016 Los Angeles – The Bitcoin point-of-sale terminal by 34 Bytes has now entered the beta testing phase. The hot new product will soon be made available by 34 Bytes, LLC, a Los Angeles-based startup pioneering in cryptocurrency payment solutions for physical stores. 34 Bytes is deeply involved in the promotion of the emerging crypto-economy by creating solutions aimed at improving the in-person bitcoin payment experience. 34 Bytes user-friendly point of sale solutions are built keeping the needs and convenience of both merchants and customers in mind. 34 Bytes’ bitcoin point of sale terminals does not require the merchant to use a smartphone or a tablet to accept payments. These standalone devices are built to accept bitcoin transactions from any bitcoin wallet application by scanning the QR code printed on the receipt generated by the terminal. The received bitcoin can then be transferred to the online bitcoin payment processor Coinbase or to a cold wallet depending on the merchant’s preference. More back-end integration options will be announced soon. The POS terminals created by 34 Bytes are secure and comes with their own built-in Wi-Fi. The company does not ever have access to the merchant’s private keys, giving the merchant complete control over their funds. The beta phase of 34 Bytes Bitcoin POS Terminal also comes with its own set of benefits. Merchants who choose to be beta testers... read more
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