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As someone who is very familiar with PR, news distribution, and being a part of the news for number of years, I am impressed by what Bitcoin PR Buzz has been able to accomplish.

Alan Yong

Early Tech Entrepreneur and DNotes Founder


Franko has now been mentioned by reuters, the wallstreet journal, bloomberg and 500 more news outlets. I will use this service for all of my pr needs from now on!!! They honestly should charge more.”


Microtronix just got done getting our press release and we’re more than pleased, everything looks great on our end and we would recommend this service to anyone with a business to promote.

Microtronix Hosting

I used Bitcoin PR Buzz to write a press release for my site and I have to say that I was very impressed by the quality of the work. Almost immediately I saw a huge influx of traffic that has steadily grown over time. This was on top of a handful of writers who got in touch for further interviews (for more bitcoin news sites). The press release was done over a month ago and I’m still enjoying the benefits of it.

Great work..

Bitcoin Leveraged Trading Platform BTC.SX

Being a well established company with an international reputation to uphold at first we were slightly hesitant – even though we had only heard good things about the service Bitcoin PR Buzz provides. Not only was our Press Release message carefully crafted over many emails back and forth, they even suggested a new Bitcoin service we could add which was a world first! Our Press Release was syndicated virally through social media, Bitcoin news sites, and many other online news sites: generating a great amount of interest in our new Bitcoin services. We are more than happy with the results, initiative and customer service which seems to be the norm around here, and recommend their services to anyone in Bitcoin who needs to have their message heard.

SYTECH Systems Technology Consultants Ltd.


Gold Struck on OpenLedger With Ethereum Based DigixDAO asset (DGD)

Bitcoin Press Release: OpenLedger has added Ethereum based gold backed crypto-token DigixDAO asset (DGD), allowing users to trade DGD for Ethereum, Bitcoin and other digital assets on its decentralized trading platform. April 28, 2016 – OpenLedger, the CCEDK owned transparent decentralized exchange now allows users to trade DigixDAO (DGD) assets on its platform. The DigixDAO cryptocurrency protocol is used for trading DigixGlobal’s gold backed digital tokens (DGX) on the Ethereum platform. Recently mentioned in Forbes, the event is one of the most significant recent developments in the cryptocurrency industry. The gold backed digital token is a gold standard of cryptocurrency where the value of each DGX is hedged against a specific amount of real gold stored in the company’s reserve. The DGD asset allows the platform to operate like any other cryptocurrency platform, enabling the transaction of digital gold tokens over DigixDAO. The digital gold asset created by DigixGlobal (DGX) is backed by actual gold, and is currently available for purchase with Ethereum only. All sales are registered as Ethereum smart contracts, recording the value, transactions and other information on the Ethereum blockchain. The DigixDAO (DGD) assets are similar to shares and are held by members who have contributed to the DigixDAO platform. They are entitled to receive a portion of the proceeds made by the platform through DGX sales and transaction fees. Anyone can trade DGD with ETH, BTC or any other cryptocurrency at: https://openledger.info Once DGD coins are released at launch time April 29th 00.00 UCT 2016, the same IOU asset (OPEN.DGD) currently trading during pre-launch will become freely transferrable and withdrawable. Users will also be able... read more

Popular Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO Launches Instant Withdrawals to Visa/MasterCard

Bitcoin Press Release: Well established Bitcoin exchange CEX.IO enables instant withdrawals to Visa and MasterCard in US dollars, Euro and Russian Ruble. April 28th, 2016, London, UK — CEX.IO Bitcoin exchange announced today the launch of instant USD, EUR, and RUB withdrawals to payment cards. With this new feature, CEX.IO successfully completed the full circle of fiat money flows to and from Visa/MasterCard. Being the top Bitcoin exchange with easy and fast deposits, CEX.IO has also enabled withdrawals of fiat funds to Visa/MasterCard. Withdrawal requests are processed automatically, right after their placement, which means that a user doesn’t need to log in to third party services. In most cases, withdrawals are processed instantly, and card owner is able to use withdrawn funds right away. Individual cases might require some time though, and CEX.IO is negotiating with payment service providers to enable momentary processing for absolutely anyone. “Global commonness of using payment cards effectively intersects with people’s will to buy and trade Bitcoins,” Oleksandr Lutskevych, CEO and Co-Founder of CEX.IO. “We are proud to tell that there are currently no other exchanges offering instant withdrawals of fiat funds to Visa/MasterCard at low commissions, except for CEX.IO.” Withdrawals to payment cards are beneficial due to high speed or payment processing and low commissions. Once the card is linked to CEX.IO profile, a user is able to deposit and withdraw fiat funds to this card in just a few steps. PCI DSS certificate obtained by CEX.IO ensures strong safety of provided payment card data. CEX.IO plans to continue expanding payment options and among other things will introduce Bitcoin debit cards enabling loading... read more

Use Bitcoin at Amazon, AliExpress, and More With a Free Unichange Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitcoin Press Release: Innovative Bitcoin exchange platform Unichange is pleased to announce the giveaway of free virtual Bitcoin debit cards that can be used at Amazon, AliExpress and more outlets. Starting today, Unichange launches its free giveaway of Unichange virtual debit cards to every customer ordering a Unichange plastic Bitcoin debit card. Conditions of the promotion are very transparent: customers who order a Unichange plastic card will receive Unichange virtual card (of the same currency) free of charge, please click here for the details of the Bitcoin virtual debit card promotion. Delivery of virtual card is instant, so customers can use their virtual card while waiting for arrival of the ordered plastic card. Funds on the virtual card can be transferred to the plastic card as soon as it has been received. Unichange has very low fees of only 0.7% fee for Bitcoin, Litecoin and BTC-e USD codes to Unichange card transfer. Once funds appear on Unichange these funds are fully covered by the card provider with EMI license, and customers can use the funds on their card worldwide. The Bitcoin and Litecoin debit cards are the perfect solution for traders, IB partners, Binary option traders, hosting services, design and consultancy services, bloggers, forum owners, and anyone else who accepts crypto and e-currencies on their websites and wishes to withdraw funds in a fast and secure way. Plastic and virtual Unichange cards can be ordered in both EUR and USD currencies. Main advantages of Unichange cards: – ATM withdrawal limits up to 90 000 USD/EUR monthly, – Low cost (plastic cards cost 9 USD or 8 EUR), – Unlimited... read more

Ethereum Accepted as Payment by Established Press Release Platform Bitcoin PR Buzz

Bitcoin Press Release: With over 3 years experience and over 200 clients, Bitcoin and Blockchain press release experts Bitcoin PR Buzz are pleased to announce they are now accepting Ethereum as payment for all services, with a 10% discount for all Ethereum based projects, for a limited time. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including CEX.IO, BitCasino.io and Bitcoin.com, Bitcoin PR Buzz has been proudly serving the PR needs of Bitcoin and digital currency tech start-ups for over 3 years. Believing that Bitcoin and the Blockchain is the most fundamentally disruptive technology since the emergence of the Internet itself, it is only logical for the team to embrace the latest promising innovation in this dynamic space: Ethereum. Ethereum has implemented decentralized smart contracts, and the world’s first blockchain based computing platform in an elegant and unprecedented way. Many exciting Ethereum based Dapps are currently under development. We want to help give these projects the exposure they deserve. Bitcoin PR Buzz’s services include guaranteed publication on newsBTC, CryptoCoinsNews, Coinspeaker, Bitcoinist.net, Bitcoin Warrior, Bitcoin PR Buzz, and 200-400 other online news outlets including Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, and more. They are also now offering translated articles on large BTC news sites in Spain, Brazil, Arabia, Indonesia and Latin America included in all packages. For a limited time, anyone paying with ETH to promote an Ethereum related project will receive a 10% discount on all services. Learn more on their homepage at http://bitcoinprbuzz.com and click here to view a PDF outlining their most popular PR services To make an inquiry, simply visit http://bitcoinprbuzz.com/services or email bitcoin(at)bitcoinprbuzz.com   About Bitcoin PR... read more

‘Follow My Vote’ Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Revolutionizing Open-source Blockchain Voting Software

Press Release: Follow My Vote has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the development of a verifiable open-source blockchain voting software, making voting honest and convenient, once and for all. 21 April 2016, Blacksburg, VA – Follow My Vote has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the blockchain technology powered voting platform of the future. The project aims to bring transparency, convenience and security to all kinds of polls and electoral procedures. “The future of government is in open-source technologies and providing transparent election results will aid to restoring faith in vote counting. I support efforts, like those used by Follow My Vote, that explore how open-source software can lead to greater transparency, integrity and participation in voting.” Says Kammi Foote, Registrar of Voters (U.S.) at Inyo County (CA). Voting today is filled with accusations of illegitimacy. This is mostly due to the current systems and methods in use, which can be extremely vulnerable to manipulation. Follow My Vote is solving this voting crisis with innovative technologies. The company is working on a voting platform that can introduce more transparency into the elections without compromising voter privacy while ensuring the accuracy of the election results. Follow My Vote is accomplishing this by using blockchain technology and elliptic curve cryptography to build an open-source platform that is secure and truly verifiable from end to end. The funds raised from the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will go towards the completion of the project and demonstration of the power of blockchain voting to the world. “I have poured my life savings into Follow My Vote. When that wasn’t enough, I... read more

India’s Leading Bitcoin Exchange Coinsecure Has Raised Over $1.2 Million in Ongoing Fund-raising Campaign

Bitcoin Press Release: Indian Bitcoin exchange and wallet Coinsecure has raised over $1.2 million in the first 4 months of their ongoing fund-raising round ‘Series A’. 18th April 2016, Delhi, IN – Coinsecure, the leading Indian Bitcoin trading platform, has announced a raise of $1.2 million as part of its ongoing ‘Series A’ investment round. The company opened the fund-raising round earlier in January this year and expects to close the round soon. With deep roots in the early years of Bitcoin in India, Coinsecure formed as a company, with a directive to create a Bitcoin ecosystem to address India’s growing needs. The company has developed some amazing products so far working on an earlier seed round. Coinsecure joined the Bitcoin Foundation as an Industry Member and also became a Silver Founding Donor for the BitGive Foundation. Coinsecure recognizes that enabling Bitcoin to go mainstream does not just mean to create the strongest platform for buying and selling Bitcoin but to also educate on the merits of Blockchain technology to grow India’s Bitcoin user base. Coinsecure offers an algorithmic trading Bitcoin exchange, a Blockchain explorer, full free API’s for all their Products, a mock trading platform for users to try trading without real money, On-Chain and Off-Chain wallet services and has a number of integrations with global partners including Netki. Founded in July 2014 by Mohit Kalra and Benson Samuel, Coinsecure launched its Bitcoin exchange on January 1, 2015. As the futuristic concept of cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, is still new in India; the company has been working on bringing legitimacy to this emerging technology. The company set out with... read more

CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange Launches Ethereum Trading

Bitcoin Press Release: CEX.IO Bitcoin exchange launched trading Ethers, currency used by the Ethereum decentralised platform that runs smart contracts. CEX.IO users are now able to buy and sell ETH for Bitcoins and US Dollars. April 13th, 2016, — Following trends, CEX.IO has expanded the range of currencies traded on the exchange with ETH/BTC and ETH/USD. Famous for user-friendly experience of buying cryptocurrency with payment cards, CEX.IO opened an opportunity not only to trade Ether for Bitcoin, but also to easily buy ETH using Visa or MasterCard. “Ethereum is a unique and one of the most promising projects within blockchain industry,” Oleksandr Lutskevych, CEO and Co-Founder of CEX.IO. “As the Ethereum market develops, we found it extremely important to support innovations and launch Ether trading on CEX.IO.” At the moment of writing, market capitalisation of ETH is on the second place after Bitcoin, and is over $600,000,000. ETH average market price is about $8, which is many times higher, than most altcoins on the network. Ether is crucial for developers who want to build apps using the Ethereum blockchain, as well as for users who are aiming to access and interact with smart contracts. In their turn, professional traders consider using ETH volatility in their trading strategies. About CEX.IO: CEX.IO is a UK-based Bitcoin exchange established in 2013. CEX.IO claims to provide the best experience of buying Bitcoins with credit cards and debit cards. The assertion is based on the exchange’s ideal conditions for quick and successful processing of card payments, the wide range of acceptable payment cards, and numerous positive feedbacks from users. CEX.IO provides steady services backed... read more

Genesis Mining Celebrates Two Year Anniversary With Big Discount Code For Cloud Mining

Bitcoin Press Release: Currently serving over 180,000 customers, the world’s leading Bitcoin cloud mining provider Genesis Mining is celebrating its two year anniversary with generous 5% discount codes on all purchases until April 11. Two years ago, Marco Streng, Marco Krohn and Jakov Dolic announced the launch of Genesis Mining. After being involved in Bitcoin for several years, they watched on the sideline as cloud mining companies came and went and realized that there was a huge opportunity in the market to offer a legitimate and trusted cloud mining service. Genesis Mining has now become one of the fastest growing Bitcoin companies in the world and today, proudly serves over 180,000 active daily customers. Speaking with Marco Streng, CEO and Co-Founder of Genesis Mining, he stated “When we first launched, we made it our goal to truly dedicate ourselves to our customers. While we come up with innovate ideas on our own, many of the new services and products we launch come straight from our customers. We’ve made it a habit to listen to what they want then build products and services to cater to them.” And the customer growth continues, driven in recent months by the rapid increase of Ether price. Genesis Mining made headlines in February when they announced their Ether Cloud Mining offering when the price was below a dollar, shortly after the price began to quickly increase, reaching nearly $12 today. This price hike resulted in a flood of new and thrilled customers. While operating for two years and 180,000 customers are significant milestones, Genesis Mining continues to raise the bar and aim for new... read more

New Bitcoin Poker Platform With Rakeback, Freerolls, 3 BTC Deposit Bonus Launched by FortuneJack

Bitcoin Press Release: FortuneJack Casino recently launched their Bitcoin Poker platform offering freerolls, up to 40% rakeback and a 3 BTC deposit bonus. Provably fair Bitcoin casino FortuneJack is pleased to announce the launch of their new Bitcoin Poker platform. Anyone can play poker with play money for fun immediately to test the system, no downloads are required. Players can also choose to start playing for real money when they are ready; with instant cash-outs and no minimum deposits. Bitcoin Poker freeroll games start every day and GTD tourneys with buy-ins to suit all bankrolls are available. All players receive full Loyalty Club membership with their first deposit. New players are rewarded with 10% cash back and with the generous Loyalty Membership bonus system players will receive up to 40% rakeback bonuses and high bank freerolls. To try FortuneJack’s new Bitcoin Poker platform please go to: https://fortunejack.com/poker/ FortuneJack Bitcoin Casino also offer generous weekly promotions and rewards with a 100% deposit bonus, up to 3 BTC, at registration. Top unlucky players are are rewarded with 20% LossBack each week. FortuneJack offers players a multi-tiered rewards program where points are earned for playing casino games and are redeemable for cash. After 100 points have been earned players are paid based on the Loyalty level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Legendary). Along with the loyalty cash back, players are rewarded with LossBack, BetBack and other rewards. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts and players worldwide are welcome to try the many games, slots and poker available at fortunejack.com and take part in one of the cryptocurrency casino markets most generous bonus systems. About FortuneJack... read more


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