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NEM Blockchain Platform Doubles the Rewards for its Supernode Program

Bitcoin Press Release: The peer-to-peer blockchain solutions platform, NEM has announced a 100 percent increase in the XEM rewards for high-performance nodes as a part of its Supernode rewards program. September 21, 2016, Singapore – NEM has successfully completed its trial Supernode rewards program. With the completion of its alpha phase, the platform has now increased the rewards offered to high-performance nodes on the network from 70,000 XEM to 140,000 XEM per day. Starting September 1, 2016, the daily reward amount is split between node operators meeting the set criteria. NEM is a blockchain 2.0 platform written from scratch using Java and JavaScript. It shares much of its architecture with Mijin, a private chain being deployed through the Tech Bureau of Japan. Both Mijin and NEM share common APIs. NEM has been running for over one year and has unique multisignature, asset creation, namespace and messaging capabilities. Supernodes are the backbone of NEM blockchain solutions platform. These “high-performance” nodes play a crucial role in supporting light wallets, mobile apps and other third party applications that utilize NEM APIs. These Supernodes essentially form the backbone of NEM network and for that, the operators are rewarded from the Supernode Rewards Fund, set aside for this specific purpose. In spite of the rewards program, light client users are charged the normal transaction fee on the NEM network for transactions processed on Supernode. Supernodes are responsible for facilitating safe and secure transactions over the NEM blockchain for no additional charges. Speaking about the Supernode rewards program, NEM developer Bloody Rookie says, “The node rewards program offers the opportunity to earn money by running a... read more

Coinsecure Partners with OKLink to Bring Blockchain Technology Based Remittances to India

Bitcoin Press Release: Coinsecure and OKLink have partnered together to offer blockchain technology based remittance services in India. September 21, 2016, Delhi, India – Coinsecure, the Indian Bitcoin company announces a new partnership with OKLink to offer blockchain technology powered remittance services in India. The newly launched OKLink is part of OKCoin’s initiative to provide digital assets and blockchain based global transaction settlement system. With India being the largest inward remittance receiving country in the world, this partnership marks a huge milestone for Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The partnership was first announced by Coinsecure’s co-founder and CTO, Benson Samuel and OKLink’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jack Liu at the recently held IMTC Asia Conference in Delhi. The landscape of remittance related opportunities over blockchain technology was covered in “Pioneering Remittance Opportunities & Challenges of Innovators” panel during the conference. Both teams from Coinsecure and OKCoin’s newly created network, OKLink acknowledge the potential of blockchain to transform global remittance. Both, emerging key leaders in the Bitcoin exchange space acknowledge the need to leverage the blockchain technology to expedite and reduce the cost of daily remittance. “We at Coinsecure not only recognize Bitcoin as the most important application of blockchain but also its potential role in alleviating global transaction woes and expedite remittance. Coinsecure is thrilled to partner with OKLink to provide faster and cheaper services to the Indian population,” Said Benson Samuel. Since Bitcoin’s inception, the financial and remittance sectors are taking a closer look at blockchain, its underlying foundation. The blockchain as an open public ledger of all Bitcoin transactions provides an open source global platform for payment and remittance... read more

Minex Systems Offers a Solution to Eliminate Cryptocurrency High Volatility

Bitcoin Press Release: Minex Ecosystem – is a self-regulating financial system created for decreasing volatility and making MineCoin a new payment unit based on blockchain technology. September 19, 2016, Kyiv, Ukraine – The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and its underlying blockchain technology has got the banking industry worried. In order to counter the rising threat, many leading banks are investing heavily in the research and development of blockchain-based applications for their own operations. Some of the well-known banking majors like Banco Santander, Barclays and UBS have already setup blockchain labs. Banco Santander’s blockchain study report has revealed that by using blockchain technology, global banking sector can save as much as $20 billion a year in regulatory and compliance costs. According to the European Banking Association, the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies has prevented them from posing a significant threat to the conventional banking system at the moment. However, it may soon change with advancement in technology and increased stability of digital currencies. The volatile nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has prevented them from being widely adopted as a medium of value transfer. While cryptocurrency traders and brokers tend to gain from the volatile nature of digital currencies, businesses may incur losses from fluctuating cryptocurrency values. This has prevented many merchants from accepting cryptocurrency payments from their customers. Minex Bank for a Stable Cryptocurrency The Minex team is working on developing a stable and sustainable ecosystem that can minimize the volatility associated with cryptocurrencies. The Minex ecosystem is powered by the cryptocurrency MineCoin (MNC) and in the absence of high volatility, it will be quite capable of acting as a... read more

Bitcoin IRA’s Free Bitcoin Investor Guide Clears Any Misunderstandings About Digital Currency Investments

Bitcoin Press Release: Bitcoin IRA, the unique Bitcoin-based Individual Retirement Account portfolio is now giving away free Bitcoin Investor Guides to educate potential investors about the investment opportunity. September 15, 2016, Los Angeles, USA – Bitcoin IRA, the only approved Bitcoin-based IRA and 401(k) investment plan provider is on a mission to educate people about the benefits of digital currency based investments, especially IRAs. As a part of this initiative, the company is now giving away free downloadable educational material in the form of a Bitcoin Investor Guide. California based Bitcoin IRA has received a lot of interest from the Bitcoin community, the Bitcoin-based investment offering has already opened accounts worth over $500,000. The increased popularity of Bitcoin makes it an attractive asset class which enables Bitcoin IRA investors to invest in digital currency instead of other conventional asset classes like cash, gold, bonds and artwork. All investments and terms of the Bitcoin IRA scheme are in accordance with the IRS regulations, applicable for all types of IRAs. “This is a pioneering investment option in the retirement industry. For the first time ever, IRA owners can hold actual bitcoin in a private and anonymous securitized wallet. This will pave the way for more alternative investments for years to come. We are thrilled to be a part of this moment in history.” — says Chris Kline, the Chief Operating Officer at Bitcoin IRA. With Bitcoin gaining mainstream status as a decentralized global currency, it has a lower risk of collapse compared to traditional investment assets. Bitcoin IRA investors will be in possession of actual Bitcoins in an IRA-designed security wallet... read more

Spells of Genesis, a Cryptocurrency Powered Mobile Game Launches Today

Bitcoin Press Release: EverdreamSoft is launching the web version of its Bitcoin blockchain based Spells of Genesis mobile game. The game will be released during the soft-launch event later today. September 15, 2016, Geneva, Switzerland – Spells of Genesis, the first ever Bitcoin blockchain based mobile game with its own cryptocurrency is finally ready for today’s soft-launch. Spells of Genesis guarantees a treat for online game lovers who share the enthusiasm for cryptocurrency and its underlying technology. EverdreamSoft, the development team behind the Spells of Genesis initiated the ongoing trend of development and implementation of games and applications on various blockchain platforms. EverdreamSoft team has made a steady progress with Spells of Genesis since they closed their first successful crowdfunding campaign last summer. With the game development completed, it will meet its players following today’s soft-launch. The full release of Spells of Genesis is set for late fall. Spells of Genesis is the second of many games being developed by the Swiss gamemaker EverdreamSoft. The trading card game featuring its own BitCrystals tokens is designed to run on the Blockchain Gaming Platform currently being developed by the team. EverdreamSoft is known for creating Moonga, the #1 Role Playing Game of 2010 in the Japanese App Store with over 250,000 downloads. The BitCrystals cryptocurrency is a digital asset based on the Bitcoin blockchain that is currently being created on Counterparty. BitCrystals acts as a means of exchange which unlike most of the games is not held solely within the game as a centralized asset. These BitCrystals act as a fully independently owned cryptocurrency asset and they can also be traded... read more

Unichange.me Explains How Using P2P Exchange Providers Increases ROI for Cryptocurrency Traders

Bitcoin Press Release: It is hard to image living in a world without internet, especially at the time when all businesses including the financial markets are dependent on it. September 15, 2016, Romania, Bucharest – It is no secret that the currency exchange and trading industry is now heavily dependent on the internet, thanks to electronic payment systems and the emergence of cryptocurrencies. The evolution of the financial system from regular fiat currency to a combination of fiat and cryptocurrencies has also influenced traders around the world to revise their trading practices. This paradigm shift on the exchange market has shifted trader’s focus from relatively stable, familiar currency pairs to volatile ones such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The digital currency’s price is dependent on demand and supply. Each Bitcoin exchange or trading platform has its own exchange rate which is different from that of others and keeps fluctuating. This increases price fluctuation and volatility which makes Bitcoin an ideal trading asset. It is easier to make a fortune by buying Bitcoin from one exchange where the price is low and sell it on the other with a higher price. There are currently a large number of Bitcoin exchanges on the internet, but traders usually prefer to go for the popular ones. Big exchanges are considered to be more reliable than their smaller counterparts and rightly so. These bigger exchanges, owing to their popularity are well regulated and are less likely to experience difficulties while processing orders. The sheer volume of trade handled by these exchanges also makes it possible for them to offer better rates. Powerful international cryptocurrency... read more

DECENT Blockchain Platform ICO Raises Over 4138 BTC in Two Days

Bitcoin Press Release: The DECENT blockchain based decentralized content distribution platform’s ICO with CCEDK kicks off on a high note raising more than $2,517,000 in 2 days. September 13, 2016, Blokhus, Denmark – The Switzerland-based DECENT decentralized content distribution platform has announced the launch of its ICO in association with CCEDK, a Danish cryptocurrency startup crowdfunding solutions provider. The ICO has gained tremendous traction, raising over 4138 BTC in less than 2 days. DECENT will allow content creators and enterprises to build a wide variety of applications on the open-source protocol to suit their requirements. DECENT based apps can be used for blogs, music publishing and streaming, e-book publishing, software sales, indie games development and more. Unlike other platforms, DECENT eliminates middlemen and third parties to maximize content creators’ profits. The venture has attracted developers, ambassadors and business advisors from various parts of the world. By using blockchain technology with strong encryption protocols, DECENT ensures the confidentiality of information, preventing access and modification from third parties. Any content distributed over DECENT will stay encrypted until the intended recipient uses the right key to decrypt it for consumption. The DECENT (DCT) crypto-token crowd sale was launched on Sunday, September 11, 2016, at 1300 hours GMT. The 8 week long ICO saw a sale of over 25 million DCTs in the initial few hours. Proceeds from the ICO will be utilized by DECENT to fund the development of future releases, protocol optimization, maintenance, associated operational, administrative and logistical costs. Once the funds are allocated for these activities, any remaining funds will be utilized towards legal expenses and covering other marketing and... read more

100 Bitcoins in One Day at mBit Casino

Bitcoin Press Release: A lucky player on mBit Bitcoin Casino wins over 100 bitcoins while playing Geisha and 4 of a Kings. The highest payout so far on the platform is 275 BTC. September 6, 2016 Curacao – Could you imagine winning 100 bitcoins in a day? You would bank close to $60,000 USD. It’s possible, and a player at mBit Casino scored this win just a few days ago. Playing the game Geisha and a 4 of a Kings, with bets between 0.12 and 0.012 BTC, a player booked a net win of 101.5 bitcoins. The player, who was a new member at mBit Casino, had the following to say… “Amazing how much better my gambling experience was with mBit. I won $57,600 and within minutes the money was in my wallet, I could not believe it, Thanks mBit for this opportunity” – Lucky Winner mBit Casino, which still holds the record of a 275 BTC win, the largest score at an online bitcoin casino, welcomes new winners: “New players are coming in large numbers after we launched our new VIP system a few weeks ago. Nothing makes us more excited than seeing big winners like we did today. ” – Linda Murphy – VIP MANAGER The new VIP system includes 10 deposits bonuses per month and a total of up to 575% in Bitcoins. The 100 BTC winner said they joined largely due to the new, innovative VIP program at mBit. We believe in full transparency at mBit Casino, and we have made the winner’s spin available for public viewing on our YouTube channel: Total Win: 40.3... read more

Minex Platform Opens Subscription of MineCoin Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Press Release: MineCoin, the cryptocurrency of blockchain based Minex Crowd-business Management and Investment platform is now available for subscription. September 2, 2016 Kyiv, Ukraine – Minex is a secure, investor friendly platform created by a team of Ukrainian developers. The platform is designed to solve some of the recurring issues faced by the modern investment sector. The centralized nature of present day financial system makes it vulnerable to certain events that can bring down the whole economy or at least cause significant losses to investors. Many investors are constantly living under the fear of stock exchanges being hacked, hostile takeover of joint-stock companies, bank thefts, etc. This has resulted in the creation of an uncertain atmosphere where people are apprehensive about investments and long-term storage of wealth. Centralization of registration and data storage in investment systems makes critical data vulnerable to security breaches and destruction due to unforeseen events. The Minex team’s revolutionary solution uses blockchain technology to protect investments by eliminating the risk of outside influence and data loss. Minex is more than just a cryptocurrency platform. It is a whole system of investments, payments, distributed trade registries and smart contracts built on blockchain technology. Minex Crowd-business Management and Investment (CBMI) is an open source platform that allows investors to efficiently invest in small and medium businesses as well as startups. From idea stage, Minex CBMI platform is currently entering the development phase. The team will soon have a working model ready for the market. Once ready, the platform will enable investors to finance some of the most dynamic and flexible market segments including small and medium... read more
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