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Bitcoin Sportsbook Sportsbet.io Kick-Off Euro 2016 With Bumper Bets

Bitcoin Press Release: Sportsbet.io has enjoyed a strong start to Euro 2016, the biggest betting event since the 2014 World Cup. The Bitcoin sportsbook has already handed out 36 BTC in prizes and two exclusive tickets to the European Championship final in Paris. Monday, 27th of June, 2016 – Bitcoin sportsbook operator Sportsbet.io has enjoyed a strong start to Euro 2016 following its launch at the beginning of June. The month-long tournament is the biggest betting event since the 2014 World Cup and the Bitcoin-only operator has seen average daily stakes increase by more than 20% during the first two weeks of the tournament. Among Bitcoin punters, France has been the most popular country to back at the Euros, accounting for 37% of Bitcoin bets. It is followed by England with 23%, and Portugal with 17%. More than half of all bets placed on Sportsbet.io have come via the mobile channel, with 45% on smartphones and 7% on tablet devices. Sportsbet.io has also been quick to reward users for their loyalty, having already handed out 36,000 mBTC (€22,000) in prizes via pre-sign up raffles, as well as daily draws. One lucky user won two tickets to the European Championship final, which takes place in Paris, as well as flights and accommodation following a draw on the Sportsbet.io YouTube channel. Another four customers were also rewarded with a pair of tickets to the semi-finals of the tournament – just for finishing in the top four of a winning bets leaderboard. Points were awarded to players based on their winning group stage bets, with each 100 mBTC (€60) profit earning the... read more

Get Up to Speed on Blockchain, Shared Ledgers and Next-Gen Fintech

Technologists, bankers and startups to explore the challenges and opportunities of distributed ledgers at American Banker’s third annual Blockchains + Digital Currencies conference in New York July 28. NEW YORK – Some of the most exciting innovations in financial technology are leveraging the blockchain, a system of record-keeping that was created for the digital currency bitcoin but whose wider potential is now being explored by financial institutions worldwide. On July 28, bankers, technologists, entrepreneurs and regulators will gather in New York for American Banker’s third annual Blockchains + Digital Currencies conference to discuss this rapidly evolving phenomenon. “In a few short years, blockchain technology and digital currencies have gone from far-fringe to almost-mainstream,” said Marc Hochstein, Editor in Chief of American Banker. “Major financial institutions, tech companies and others are now actively experimenting with distributed ledgers for everything from payments to securities settlement, from notary services to identity management. Yet for all the energy and capital (more than $1 billion from angel and venture investors) that has congregated in this young fintech sector, there’s a lot of uncertainty about the future.” The event will confront the hard questions facing the blockchain sector: Do open networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum offer the most value to commercial enterprises or are they better off using their own proprietary blockchains? What can a “permissioned” blockchain do that a traditional database can’t? Will regulatory initiatives at the state and federal levels and around the world hold back innovation in this space or give it room to flourish? The conference, to be held at Convene Midtown East, will explore what banks have learned from their... read more

Bitcoin Sportsbook Operator Sportsbet.io is Ready for the Big Euro 2016 Kick Off

Bitcoin Press Release: Sportsbet.io celebrates the biggest betting event since the 2014 World Cup, this summer’s Euro 2016 tournament by offering players a chance to win exclusive semi-final tickets. June 9, 2016 – Bitcoin sportsbook operator Sportsbet.io is inviting lucky punters to pit their wits against one another for the chance to be at this summer’s Euro 2016 tournament. The month-long tournament, which kicks off in France tomorrow, is the biggest betting event since the 2014 World Cup. An estimated 1.5m BTC (600m EUR / $672m USD) is expected to be wagered on the event across the industry. It is also the first major tournament since the launch of the bitcoin-only sports betting website, which went live at the start of the month. To celebrate the launch, users placing bets will go head-to-head throughout the group stages in a bid to win semi-final tickets. Points will be awarded to players based on their winning group stage bets, with each 100 mBTC profit earning the lucky user 100 points towards their total score. The top four on the final leaderboard upon completion of the group stages will then be awarded a pair of tickets for either of the Euro 2016 semi-final clashes. Sportsbet.io, which is operated by Coin Gaming, will also be hosting daily raffles throughout Euro 2016, with users receiving a ticket which could earn them cash prizes. Sportsbet.io spokesperson Joe Jordan, said: “Our focus is to offer great odds and promotions – as demonstrated by our competition to win tickets to the Euro 2016 final. This summer’s action is going to come thick and fast and so will... read more

Lisk Releases First Modular Cryptocurrency with Sidechains

Press Release: Following $6.5 million crowdsale, Lisk deploys first truly scalable cryptocurrency, with JavaScript compatibility and infinite ability to add new features via sidechains. May 24, 2016, Aachen, Germany – Lisk (www.lisk.io), the first modular cryptocurrency utilizing sidechains, has released its eagerly awaited first public release, Lisk v0.3.0, which is the first cryptocurrency to put into practice the much-discussed concept of using sidechains to infinitely extend the scalability of a digital asset ecosystem without impacting the speed or performance of the core blockchain. Sidechains are an independent cryptographic ledger that attaches to the main blockchain, but does not impact the speed or security of the main chain. The Lisk vision is to have a highly scalable public blockchain where decentralized, blockchain based applications can be programmed without learning the often complex languages of individual blockchains. In this case, Lisk chose JavaScript, the world’s most popular programming language (more popular than C/C++ or Java), as it has a huge, global base of developers that can adapt existing applications or create new ones by utilizing Lisk’s easy-to-use SDK and extensive documentation for rapid development of blockchain applications and sidechains. “Lisk is utterly unique,” said Max Kordek, co-founder and CEO of Lisk. “There is no public cryptocurrency platform which allows developers to easily deploy their own blockchain and build a JavaScript blockchain app on it. This will give millions of developers the ability to create their own sidechains, particularly around consumer applications, including games, social networks and the Internet of Things, but the same core functionality can also be used to develop and scale business applications.” -more- Lisk funded its vision by holding a... read more

The Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger ‘ICOO’ Extends Support to Future ICOs in Order to Empower the Community

Bitcoin Press Release: Danish CCEDK supports OpenLedger’s crowdsale ‘Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger’ (ICOO). The project aims to gather ICOs on the OpenLedger platform in order to benefit both startups and investors. May 24 2016, Blokhus, Denmark – As a part of the new offering, the Danish cryptocurrency platform, CCEDK, and OpenLedger have announced the crowdsale of its Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger (ICOO) crowdsale, starting May 20, 2016. The crowdsale will go on for a duration of 42 days, allowing people to buy ICOO tokens for its new Economic Enterprise Engine – Crowdfunding 3.0 initiative. The ICOO crowdsale is a limited time event where individuals can buy ICOO tokens for the new service that will enable companies and startups to create and organize crowdsale of their ICO on the OpenLedger platform. While crowdfunding through ICO has become a well-established model in the cryptocurrency industry, the success rate for all the cryptocurrency platforms is not the same. While some ICOs like that of Ethereum, Augur and DAO are a huge success, there are many startups that are not able to effectively leverage the power of crowdfunding. Ronny Boesing CEO of CCEDK explains, “The long-term goals for OpenLedger and CCEDK is to be an incubator for tech start-ups, a hub for existing businesses to transition to blockchain-based infrastructure as well as a portal for investors to find these businesses.” The OpenLedger platform will offer a single point for ICOs where investors can buy ICO tokens of their choice without having to scour through the internet, saving them a lot of time while making sure they do not miss out on any of... read more

New Spanish Payment Platform Bitnovo Allows Customers to Access Funds Directly from Their Bitcoin Wallet Using Debit Card

Bitcoin Press Release: Spanish Bitcoin payment platform Bitnovo is now offering multiple payment options including Bitcoin charged debit cards that can be used at shops and ATMs worldwide. May 24, 2016 Valencia, Spain – The Spanish Bitcoin payment platform Bitnovo continues to exhibit impressive growth since the launch 6 months ago. The startup is quickly establishing itself as one of the favourite selections among Spanish and English speaking Bitcoin users. Bitnovo offers a great selection of payment methods like card payments, Skrill, Sofort and bank transfers without compromising security; making it a user friendly option for novice and experienced Bitcoin users alike. Customers will soon be able to purchase Bitcoin in two simple steps while the Bitnovo´s customer service team guides them through the process over the telephone or by email. Bitnovo is currently launching a new service that allows customers from across the world to purchase Bitcoin by making payments through their debit cards. Bitnovo´s prepaid debit cards are already available in euro denomination; these prepaid debit cards can be instantly charged with a simple Bitcoin transaction. The funds will be available for use as soon as the transaction is validated by the blockchain. The process is extremely fast and allows the card owners to spend Bitcoin at any physical shop or online commerce portal in real-time. The fully functional card works with online services like PayPal, Amazon etc. It also allows withdrawals from any ATMs across the world. All these options make the Bitnovo card an excellent choice for customers wanting to merge the virtual and physical payment systems. The Bitnovo team explains: “For us, as Bitcoin... read more

Lisk Launches Tomorrow, IOU Trading Makes Lisk the 3rd Largest Cryptocurrency with a $250,000,000 Market Cap

Bitcoin Press Release: Lisk is proud to announce the launch of the Lisk mainnet tomorrow. Lisk IOU trading in the past weeks peaked at $7.230168 or 0.0164 BTC per LSK. Currently the IOU is trading at $2.5 per LSK making Lisk the third largest cryptocurrency with a $250,000,000 market cap. May 23, 2016, Aachen, Germany – Lisk the most awaited open source blockchain application platform of the year will go live tomorrow, May 24th. The Lisk mainnet, which was supposed to be launched in the month of April is now ready for launch. The initial launch date was postponed to double check and ensure the robustness of the platform. The development team has been consistently working on the platform to fix various security related issues and implement new features into the Lisk core. After running several internal testing sessions, the platform has been updated multiple times to ensure a secure network. With the official launch of the Lisk mainnet, the platform has 100,000,000 LSK tokens, which are distributed according to the terms of ICO, which is: • 1,000,000 LSK for early supporters • 2,000,000 LSK for advisors, partners, and third parties • 4,000,000 LSK for campaigns and bounties • 8,000,000 LSK for the LISK core team • 85,000,000 LSK for the ICO participants Following the launch and distribution of tokens according to the breakup among the ICO participants, the LSK tokens, received by those participating in the ICO can be traded on selected exchanges after launch. For large orders the Lisk team suggests to use services like Lisk.Fund. The Lisk IOU tokens traded before launch on various exchanges will... read more

The Largest Distribution of Hardware Wallets in History – The Ledger Race Powered by mBit Casino

Bitcoin Press Release: Starting today and spanning across 15 days, the Ledger Race will see hundreds of Ledger Wallets distributed – making it the largest distribution of Bitcoin hardware wallets to date. mBit casino is in the business of setting records and that much is not going to change anytime soon. While they are well-known for having paid out the single largest blackjack win in history (260 BTC), mBit does not want to stop there. Now, mBit is striving to facilitate the largest distribution of Bitcoin hardware wallets ever done at one point in time. Spanning across 15 days, the Ledger Race will see hundreds of Ledger Wallets distributed to qualifying players. Participation is easy. All you have to do is register an account at mBit and accumulate 2 BTC in bets by placing wagers during the 15-day timeframe of the competition. Every single player who reaches the 2 BTC goal will be awarded a Ledger, courtesy of the mBit VIP Club. The hardware that mBit has chosen to go with for this competition is the Ledger Nano. This is the top-selling hardware wallet in the industry and for good reason too, because it takes the privacy and security of your Bitcoins and all related transactions to the next level. Ledger Nano’s BIP 39 technology allows for you to backup your wallet anywhere by way of a 24 words seed. “High stakes players tend to be drawn to our casino due to the high level of personalized care and high frequency of rewards in our VIP program. Giving out ledger wallets to active players is something we’ve done for quite... read more

Lisk Is All Set for Launch on May 24, Offers More Details on the $6,000,000 ICO

Bitcoin Press Release: Lisk is prepared for its official launch on the 24th of this month following its successful ICO earlier this year. May 22, 2016 Aachen, Germany – After about 5 months of ceaseless development, fundraising and community building activities, Lisk is finally ready to be officially launched on May 24, 2016. Following a successful month-long ICO held between February 22, 2016 and March 21, 2016, where Lisk raised over $6,000,000 in Bitcoin and other digital currencies is currently in the process of giving final touches to the platform in anticipation for the impending launch. The exchange rate during the ICO was 0.0001821238671 BTC/LSK. The open source blockchain application platform is one of the kind that allows developers to create their own applications on dedicated sidechains. The full stack blockchain based application development platform offers tools that enable the developers to create an array of blockchain apps using the most widely used programming language, JavaScript. The platform is barely 6 months old and yet, Lisk has partnered with the likes of Microsoft and Chain of Things to offer world class support to developers using the platform. Lisk presents developers with endless possibilities when it comes to the development of blockchain apps. The apps built over the Lisk platform on a heavily customizable, dedicated sidechain can be hosted on any cloud platform by creating a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Virtual Private Server (VPS). The multiplatform support offered by Lisk makes it ideal for powering the Internet of Things (IoT) devices using inexpensive Raspberry Pi or Odroid. Lisk is actively involved in building an international community with ambassadors representing... read more
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